Princess Shokora

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Princess Shokora
Artwork of Princess Shokora
Artwork of Princess Shokora from Wario Land 4
Species Human
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (2018)
“Thank you, Wario...♥”
Princess Shokora, Wario Land 4

Princess Shokora is a supporting character in Wario Land 4 who once reigned over an unspecified country and was buried long ago within a Golden Pyramid. She is also seen in volume 28 of Super Mario-kun in a story based on Wario Land 4, as well as making a reappearance as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

When Wario learns about a recently-discovered Golden Pyramid, he plans to steal Shokora's treasure for himself, unaware that the black cat who has been guiding him throughout the game is actually Shokora herself who was cursed by the Golden Diva. Said black cat also turns into the shop owner, providing objects and transformations that deal damage to the game's bosses.

The name "Shokora" is a Japanese approximation of the French word "chocolat".


Long ago, Princess Shokora was a princess of a king who ruled over the country in which the game takes place.[1] She rested peacefully within the Golden Pyramid, until it became occupied by a greedy and power-hungry villain known as the Golden Diva, who placed a curse on Shokora.[2][3] After rumors emerged about the buried pyramid's existence, its ruins were soon excavated and explored by archaeologists, most notably Arewo Shitain-hakase.

Wario Land 4[edit]

Shokora's portrait.
All forms of Princess Shokora seen in the game.

Sometime before the events of the game, Shokora had been transformed into a black cat. She is seen in the very beginning of the game's opening cutscene, residing in a alleyway in her cat form. She is then shown crossing a city street while Wario speeds over her in his Wario Car. This causes a newspaper to fly into her face. The front page shows an article about the discovery of the pyramid where Shokora once rested, also showing a small portrait of her.

Throughout the game, the black cat acts somewhat as a guide to Wario. In the room before each passage's boss, it can be seen running into the Item Shop, transforming into the shop owner before Wario enters. This form of Princess Shokora can also be seen on the walls of the Hall of Hieroglyphs, which provide tutorials on how to use Wario's various moves and attacks.

At the beginning of the final battle, the black cat scratches the Golden Diva's face, who retaliates by absorbing her with magic. Once the Diva's lips are defeated, the black cat emerges and escapes with Wario as the pyramid starts to crumble. After the pyramid is destroyed, the four pieces of jewelry that Wario collected from the game's bosses are returned to the black cat, causing her to transform into her human form.

The true form of Princess Shokora is revealed after all twelve treasure chests are collected.

Princess Shokora's appearance is dependent on the number of treasure chests collected by Wario from the pyramid. If one or no chests were collected, then Princess Shokora appears as a young, bratty toddler. If two to five chests were collected, Shokora appears as a large, hideous woman with a big nose, resembling Wario. If six to eleven chests were collected, Shokora takes the appearance of a young woman with long hair and a princess's dress. If all twelve treasure chests are collected, Shokora's true form is shown, as a slender and matured woman with shorter hair and a cape. Regardless of which form she takes, Princess Shokora kisses Wario on the cheek. After that, four cherubim with halos lift her into the air, and she then disappears into the sky.

The form that Princess Shokora takes when collecting six to eleven treasure chests most resembles her official artwork and her portrait seen in the opening cutscene. The form that she takes after collecting all twelve treasure chests appears to be an adult version of her, but this form is not seen outside of the game's ending.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

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Princess Shokora appears in volume 28 of Super Mario-kun.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Princess Shokora reappears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Novice-class support spirit, equipping the fighter with a Super Leaf upon use. In the spirit's battle, the player has to defeat Princess Peach on the Mushroom Kingdom II stage. The opponent is accompanied by Wario and Mr. Game & Watch, the latter referencing Princess Shokora's shop owner form.

Princess Shokora's core can be combined with Wanda's core to summon the Sprixie Princesses' spirit.


Wario Land 4 flashback, seen in the closing credits. This particular image is only seen when completing a mode higher than "Normal".
  • If the player beats Wario Land 4 in 'Hard' or 'S-Hard' mode, an extra credit sequence will display, showing Wario driving with a red-haired female resembling Princess Shokora.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effects How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Princess Shokora Artwork of Princess Shokora Wario Land Series Support (1) Novice Super Leaf Equipped Spirit Board Peach, Mr. Game & Watch, Wario Rule: Item: Transforming Types
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • Timed battle
  • The enemy tends to avoid conflict
Mushroom Kingdom II Ruins - Wario Land: Shake It!


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Audio.svg Princess Shokora - Shokora's theme (without in-game sound effects), heard during the closing sequence
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Audio.svg Princess Shokora - Shokora's theme, with several sound effects present
File infoMedia:WL4 - Princess Shokora's Theme.oga
Audio.svg Princess Shokora - Music heard in Shokora's Item Shop
File infoMedia:WL4-Item Shop.oga
Video.svg Princess Shokora - The game's ending sequence, which shows Princess Shokora transforming from her cat form into her true self
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ショコラ
Princess Shokora
Chinese 乔珂拉公主[4]
Qiáokēlā Gōngzhǔ
"乔珂拉" is derived from "巧克力" (qiǎokèlì, chocolate) and Japanese name, "公主" is meaning "princess".
French Princesse Shokora[5] Princess Shokora
German Prinzessin Shokora[5] Princess Shokora
Italian Principessa Shokora[5] Princess Shokora
Russian Принцесса Шокора
Printsessa Shokora
Princess Shokora
Spanish Princesa Shokora[5] Princess Shokora


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