Panther Pedalf

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Panther Pedalf
Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race
First appearance Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race (1987)

Panther Pedalf is an opponent in Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race. He is a West German racer who is usually around 6th place among CPU racers, behind Howard Axel; as such, he is the lowest-ranked named opponent. He is a red-haired man with similar features to George Turbo, having a tall forehead and no eyebrows, though his racing suit appears to include a black leather jacket. His last name is a pun on the German surname "Bedalf," and the pedals used to accelerate and brake cars. His car is green.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パンサー・ペダルフ
Pansā Pedarufu
Panther Pedalf