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Professor in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)

Professor is a side character in Princess Peach: Showtime! who appears in the three main levels where Peach uses the Mighty Peach transformation: Mighty Mission: Alien Invasion, Mighty Mission: The Rescue, and Dark Space & the Great Meteor. He is the leader of a squad of assistant Theets of his. He has white hair, glasses, blue gloves, and a lab coat with a light blue tie.

He does not show up in Pictioneer's photos of any of the three levels he appears in.

He is the only character other than Peach and the only male character in the game to have an HP bar of his own, but not when he is first encountered in Mighty Mission: Alien Invasion.

Mighty Mission: Alien Invasion[edit]

He is first encountered in the second section, as he runs around in panic as two flying creatures set his surroundings on fire and have already destroyed the city's office block. After Peach saves him from the fires and Sour Aliens, he uses his holo-screens to turn on an elevator that lead down to a base, as he believes Peach can help save them and the city.

After having initially sent Peach back up on the elevator, he heads back up to Peach again after the big UFO boss has kidnapped a sphere bunker that the other Theets were hiding in. He sets up an upwards launch function in the elevator that he rose up with, launching Peach into the sky to fly after the big UFO boss and to rescue the kidnapped Theets in the process.

Mighty Mission: The Rescue[edit]

He leads a squad of assistant Theets in spacecrafts heading towards a planet ahead, to rescue his squad's scientists. His spacecraft has five HP in itself, and Peach must protect his spacecraft during their flight to the planet. He lands three Theets on the ground to accompany Peach and keeps the other three Theets in their spacecrafts with him.

After having initially landed, he and the other three Theets of his air squadron returns when Peach has reached the caged scientists, and helps set up for Peach's kaiju fight. After the setup, his full squadron flies immediately behind Peach as she takes on and defeats the UFO boss.

Dark Space & the Great Meteor[edit]

He flies solo in his spacecraft, wishing to follow Peach in her journey on the floating platform, and also detects a distress signal from Mighty Sparkla. After a while, he decides to speed ahead as the distress signal gets weaker, but he is abducted by a Sour Bunch squid very soon after.

As Peach chases after and defeats the squid that had abducted him, he finds it embarrassing that he had got abducted while on a rescue mission. He then follows Peach to a sphere where Mighty Sparkla is held captive, and hacks his way into a dashboard to free her. During his hacking, he himself has five HP as he needs to be protected from Sour Bunch members by Peach while he is hacking. After succeeding at it, Mighty Sparkla sets up an upwards launch tube, leaving Professor behind.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 博士

Dutch Professor
French Professeur
German Professor
Italian Professore
Korean 박사

Portuguese (NOA) Professor
Russian Профессор

Spanish Profesor