Dark Space & the Great Meteor

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Dark Space & the Great Meteor
Album image for Dark Space & the Great Meteor in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Mighty Peach
Boss Large spheric entities
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Dark Space & the Great Meteor is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the third-from-left in the bottom section of the basement of the Sparkle Theater. It is the third level where the Mighty Peach transformation is used.


The show starts with Peach being approached by the Professor Theet in a spacecraft. Peach steps up on a hover platform, led along by the Professor Theet. The ride takes 1 minute 33 seconds. Initially, Sour Bunch members land on the platform and are defeated. After a while, various meteors are sent towards the platform, and Peach must grab, lift, and throw the meteors to prevent the platform from breaking apart.

Upon arrival, the Professor Theet has been kidnapped by a Sour Bunch squid. Peach heads up some staircases to defeat the squid and rescue the Professor Theet.

The two of them team up to find Mighty Sparkla trapped inside a sphere with a window. The Professor Theet figures he can hack into its dashboard, but needs Peach to keep approaching meteors and the Sour Bunch members on top of them, from him in order to hack it.

After succeeding in freeing Mighty Sparkla, they find their intended way out on a broken staircase is being bombarded by meteors, leading to Peach and Mighty Sparkla taking an elevator up to and into the skies (leaving the Professor Theet behind).

Flying together, Peach and Mighty Sparkla initially fly next to each other to punch their way through incoming meteors and cars. Mighty Sparkla then suggests a setup where Peach throws Mighty Sparkla in front of her repeatedly, eventually reaching the largest meteor and smashes through it.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Keep the hover platform unharmed from the falling meteors.
  2. In a backstage pose elevator just after saving the scientist. Defeat six UFOs inside it.
  3. Keep the Professor Theet unharmed during the Mighty Sparkla rescue hack.
  4. Do particularly well during the "Throw Mighty Sparkla" section.
  5. Win the level.


Ribboner can be found at the 1 minute 3 second mark of the hover platform ride. Peach has to throw a held meteor towards him to save him. He awards the Multicolored Mighty Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "Oh my... I'm doomed!"
  • Rescue message: "Thanks for the rescue!"

Postgame Ninja Theet[edit]

  1. On the immediate right of (and partway onto) the Mighty Sparkla rescue hack dashboard.

Lobby Shop stock[edit]

Completing the level allows Peach to buy the Special Mighty Dress for 300 coins at the Lobby Shop.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミの宇宙うちゅう大隕石だいいんせき
Yami no Uchū to Dai Inseki
Dark Space and Big Meteorites

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗的宇宙与大陨石
Hēi'àn De Yǔzhòu Yǔ Dà Yǔnshí
Dark Universe and Large Meteorite

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗的宇宙與大隕石
Hēi'àn De Yǔzhòu Yǔ Dà Yǔnshí
Dark Universe and Large Meteorite

Dutch De meteoriet in het duistere heelal
French Dangers dans l'espace sombre
Dangers in the dark space
German Gefarh aus dem dunklen All
Italian La meteora nello spazio oscuro
The meteor in the dark space
Korean 어둠의 우주의 거대 운석
Eodum-ui ujuui geodae unseog

Portuguese O Universo Sombrio e o Meteoro
The Dark Universe and the Meteor
Russian Супергерой и метеоры мрака
Supergeroy i meteory mraka

Spanish Meteoritos de malguria
Meteorites of darkle