Mighty Mission: The Rescue

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Mighty Mission: The Rescue
Mighty Peach, Professor and his squadron in Mighty Mission: The Rescue in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World 5F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Mighty Peach
Boss A large UFO
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Mighty Mission: The Rescue is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the lower left on the fifth floor of the Sparkle Theater. It is the second level where the Mighty Peach transformation is used.


The show starts out with a 2 minute autorunner space flight sequence, where Peach must attack incoming UFOs to protect the Theet fleet that is flying their spacecrafts behind her. Peach eventually encounters a fairly large round space robot, which Peach must counter one punch from, slinging it far away in the process.

After a 33 second landing sequence has landed on the ground, Peach and three Theets begin their ground journey. They are interrupted by Sour Bunch members who attempt to kidnap the Theets, who attempt to defend themselves by swinging their laser swords far short of target, until Peach defeats the Sour Bunch members.

Running along a two-lane highway with cars parked along it, a large UFO shows up to suck up parts of the highway. Although Peach cannot fall off or be sucked into the UFO, her accompanied Theets can. If the Theets do get sucked up, they will show up after Peach throws a car at the UFO anyway.

The Sour Bunch then prepare for a final fight at the cage where they keep six scientist Theets captured, with Peach eventually defeating the Sour Bunch members, freeing the scientists.

Very soon after freeing them, the UFO from the highway sequence returns, leading Peach to set up a kaiju fight between herself and the UFO, winning after countering two punches.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Save all of the Theets in peril during the opening autorunner sequence.
  2. Defeat the large robot at the end of the autorunner sequence without the Professor's spacecraft losing all of its hearts.
  3. Defeat the large robot at the end of the autorunner sequence while the Professor's spacecraft has three hearts or more.
  4. Found in a sub-area hidden under a vehicle that Peach must toss away. Mighty Peach must strike a pose to access the sub-area, then destroy two UFOs before they can abduct any Theets.
  5. On a small platform hidden behind a vehicle during the highway UFO sequence.
  6. Keep the three Theets safe on the ground during the highway UFO sequence.
  7. Defeat the large UFO in the second fight.


Ribboner can be found clinging onto a UFO at the 1 minute 33 second mark of the autorun section. He awards the Mighty Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "Bwahhh!"
  • Rescue message: "Outer space! Wheee!"

Postgame Ninja Theets[edit]

  1. Immediately after Mighty Peach and the Theet Fleet has landed on the planet.
  2. On the highway rail very soon after the highway UFO sequence.
  3. Below the left stairs during the scientist freeing battle.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミッション:レッド・プラネット
Misshon: Reddo Puranetto
Mission: Red Planet

Chinese (simplified) 任务︰红色行星
Rènwù: Hóngsè Hángxīng
Mission: Red Planet

Chinese (traditional) 任務︰紅色行星
Rènwù: Hóngsè Hángxīng
Mission: Red Planet

Dutch Actiemissie: de redding
Action mission: the rescue
French Mission héroïque : sauvetage
Heroic mission: rescue
German Mission „Spektakuläre Rettung“
Mission "Spectacular Rescue"
Italian Super missione: il salvataggio
Super mission: the rescue
Korean 미션: 레드 플래닛
Misyeon: Ledeu Peullaenis
Mission: Red Planet

Portuguese Resgate no Planeta Alienígena
Rescue on the Alien Planet
Russian Супергерой спасает всех!
Supergeroy spasayet v'syeh!

Spanish El rescate
The rescue


  • Although Professor's spacecraft has a life bar with five HP, both he and his spacecraft remain operational even if their HP reaches zero.