The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards

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The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards
Album image for The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Ninja Peach
Boss Dark Ninja
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The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the third-from-left in the upper section of the basement of the Sparkle Theater. It is the third level where the Ninja Peach transformation is used.


The play starts with Peach in her Ninja transformation heading towards a castle that is located further up a hillside. Ninja Sparkla is held captive partway up the hill by two lamp-holding guards. Sneaking her way through the grass, Peach defeats the two guards and frees Ninja Sparkla.

Getting through a guarded labyrinth, Peach and Ninja Sparkla find themselves in a trap, where Peach must escape from rising sharp poles. Eventually emerging from the labyrinth, the Dark Ninja runs off, leading to an autorunner section to catch up to him. With Ninja Sparkla and the Sour Bunch ninja now on opposite paths, with Peach in the middle, a timed circular attack will make Ninja Sparkla and Peach defeat him. One such attack is sufficient.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Right after the arch between the first and second grass sneaking areas, behind the lower step of the left guard's platform.
  2. In a backroom pose platform on the flat rock in the fourth square of the carpet labyrinth. Peach must use Wall Jump to jump to two rotating platforms.
  3. In the carpet labyrinth, taking a 270° turn to defeat the guard whose lamp goes beyond plank fence.
  4. On a wall-run wall after the second wall jump part of the autorun section.
  5. Defeat the Sour Bunch ninja.


Ribboner is found in an under-walls river passage heading north from the ninth square of the labyrinth. He awards the Multicolored Ninja Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "N-nobody's over here..."
  • Rescue message: "That was brilliant!"

Lobby Shop stock[edit]

Completing the level allows Peach to buy the Special Ninja Dress for 300 coins at the Lobby Shop.

Postgame Ninja Theet[edit]

  1. On the wall of the sixth square of the carpet labyrinth.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミの忍術にんじゅつ武者軍団むしゃぐんだん
Yami no Ninjutsu to Musha Gundan
Dark Ninjutsu and Warrior Legion

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗的忍术与武者军团
Hēi'àn De Rěnshù Yǔ Wǔzhě Jūntuán
Dark Ninjutsu and Warrior Legion

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗的忍術與武者軍團
Hēi'àn De Rěnshù Yǔ Wǔzhě Jūntuán
Dark Ninjutsu and Warrior Legion

Dutch De duistere ninja
The dark ninja
French Le ninja sombre et ses gardes
The dark ninja and his guards
German Die Armee des dunklen Ninja
The Army of the Dark Ninja
Italian Il ninja oscuro e le guardie
The dark ninja and the guards
Portuguese O Ninja Sombrio e as Sentinelas
The Dark Ninja and the Sentinels
Spanish La técnica ninja de la malguria
Darkle ninja's technique