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Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)

The Pictioneer is a Theet who stands in the first floor of the Sparkle Theater. He will take an album photo of Princess Peach whenever she has collected all Sparkle Gems in a show, as well as one large album photo of the game's ending scene.

He will never show up in the shows, but will nevertheless have a photo of Peach ready for her album after such feats.

If he tells Peach that he has new photos to show, he will automatically open the pause menu and its "Album" icon.


First time encountered[edit]

  • "Hmm... Now where will I find the next one..."
  • "Oh, hello there! I'm Sparkle Theater's pictioneer. I specialize in performance photos!"
  • "I'm currently seeking a new performer who really shines for the camera."
  • "I recently snapped images from a particularly riveting performance, in fact!"
  • "Could it be, young lady, that you too are a performer? Mhm!"
  • "I hope, then, that you don't mind me taking photos of you in all your glory onstage!"
  • "If you collect all of the Sparkle Gems during a play, I'll capture a magnificent photo of you!"
  • "And of course, as thanks for your cooperation, I'll give you an album and any photos I snap."
  • "I look forward to your stunning performances!"

After having taken his first photo[edit]

  • "Oho, I'm so pleased with my recent work! I've added more to your album, so take a gander." (if he has new photos to show)
  • "The key to a truly riveting performance is collecting Sparkle Gems. Collect them all within a play, and I'll snap a photo of your brilliant performance!" (if he doesn't have new photos to show)
  • "Bravo! I have amazing photos of you from every play now! You are a stellar performer, indeed!" (after collecting every Sparkle Gem)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメラおじさん
Kamera Ojisan
Uncle/Mister Camera

Chinese (simplified) 相机叔叔
Xiàngjī Shūshu
Camera Uncle

Chinese (traditional) 相機叔叔
Xiàngjī Shūshu
Camera Uncle

Dutch Fotograaf
French Foton
Modified spelling of photon, and likely a pun on photo
German Fotograf
Italian Fotomastro
Fotomastro del Teatro
Photo-master of the Theater
Korean 카메라 아저씨
Kamela ajeossi
Uncle/Mister Camera

Portuguese Retratino
Portmanteau of retrato ("picture") and Ribaltino ("Theet")
Russian Фоторепортер
Photo reporter

Spanish Fotilio
Portmanteau of foto ("photo") and the name "Emilio"