Dark door

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Dark door
A dark door in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
A dark door as it appears on 2F.
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
Effect Allows Peach to enter the first four boss battles against the Darkle Bosses.

A dark door is a door seen in the maingame of Princess Peach: Showtime!. A dark door shows up in the center stairs of a floor in Sparkle Theater after the four regular levels on that floor have been completed, which Stella opens after Peach gives her some of her Sparkle Gems.

The doors work similar to ★ doors in Super Mario 64 and Mario Pinball Land in that dark doors require Sparkle Gems to open, but the Sparkle Gem requirements to open the dark doors are much more lenient than in the former two games, as it is not possible for Peach to not have enough Gems to give Stella for 1F and 2F, and nearly impossible to not have enough Gems for 3F, 4F and BF.

There is no dark door on 5F, to Stella's initial confusion.

Sparkle Gems given to Stella will be spent, and the required amount of Sparkle Gems collected throughout the game to reach It's Showtime, Grape! is therefore 100.

Floor Required Sparkle Gems Boss stage
1F 10 Darkle Boss: Disco Wing
2F 15 Darkle Boss: Light Fang
3F 20 Darkle Boss: Purrjector Cat
4F 25 Darkle Boss: Spotlion
BF 30 It's Showtime, Grape!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミのとびら
Yami no tobira
Dark door

French Porte sombre
Dark door
Italian Porta oscura
Dark door