Patissiere Sparkla

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Patissiere Sparkla
Patissiere Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Patissiere Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
Your baking is simply marvelous! I feel all sugary sweet again from head to toe!”
Patissiere Sparkla, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Patissiere Sparkla is a Sparkla Theet in Princess Peach: Showtime! She is initially trapped in the basement of the Sparkle Theater by Grape. After clearing Welcome to the Spooky Party, Princess Peach and Stella have the opportunity to rescue the Patissiere Sparkla in the stage The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets.

In the aforementioned stage, the Patissiere Sparkla is found to be corrupted by the Dark Baker. She then challenges Patissiere Peach in a baking contest to see who can create a triple-layered character cake first. After Patissiere Peach finishes her cake before the Sparkla, she becomes upset and tastes the cake for herself. After doing so, she becomes cleansed and compliments Peach's baking skills. The two then try to escape.

They eventually find an exit, but the Dark Baker arrives and challenges the two to a bake-off race, promising to let them go if win. After baking lots of cookies to fill their five plates, the Dark Baker becomes angry and declares that "speed isn't important, only taste". Peach and the Sparkla then bake one big cookie for the Dark Baker to eat. It enjoys the cookie so much that it disintegrates. The heroes finally escape afterwards, and Patissiere Sparkla compliments Peach's baking skills.

Afterwards, the Patissiere Sparkla is then found on the third floor of the Sparkle Theater, admired by other Theets.

Before the final battle against Grape, all of the Sparklas, including the Patissiere Sparkla give Princess Peach Sparkla Spirit to allow her to transform into Radiant Peach. All of the Sparklas are then seen in the ending where they celebrate with everyone.


  • "Hello…" (first encountered in a corrupt state)
    • "Welcome to Madame Grape's baking stage!"
    • "Let's bake together…" (together with the Dark Baker)
  • "I've been waiting for you." (At the cake decoration stage)
    • "It's time to get baking."
    • "Your goal is a triple-layered character cake."
    • "Whoever finishes their cake first is the winner."
    • "Ready…"
    • "Go!"
  • "The challenger is fast! But baking under pressure is my bread and butter!" (After Peach completes her first tier)
    • "The challenger has finished their first tier! Not as quickly as I did though." (If the Sparkla completes her first tier before Peach)
  • "The challenger finished their second tier?! Well! I'll decorate faster than ever before!" (After Peach completes her second tier)
  • "The challenger finished their cake! Then the winner of this triple-layered cake battle is..." (after Peach completes her cake before the Sparkla)
  • "This can't be! I can't accept this!" (After getting defeated)
    • "It might LOOK nice, but how does it taste?"
    • "D... d… delicious!"
  • "How delectable! So incredibly delicious!" (Corruption cleansed)
    • "Your baking is simply marvelous!"
    • "I feel all sugary sweet again from head to toe!"
  • "This way!"
  • "I think we can get out through there!" (When seeing the exit portal)
    • "Oh no! Our exit!" (After the curtains close the exit point)
  • "I guess we've got no choice."
    • "But working together, we can do this!"
  • "Let's work together to make those cookies!"
  • "They've managed to fill three plates!" (when Dark Baker fills up three plates of cookies)
  • "You promised, now let us go!" (After Peach and the Sparkla win the challenge)
  • "Well if that's the case…"
    • "There's only one thing to do."
    • "Why not try one of our amazing cookies!" (when setting up a base for Peach to bake the Dark Baker a Sparkle cookie)
  • "Your baking skills are superbly sweet!" (After completing The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets for the first time)
  • "Have a nice treat to soothe yourself." (Initial dialogue in Sparkle Theater)
  • "Delight your heart and your belly!" (after defeating Grape)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パティシエキラリスタ
Patishie Kirarisuta
Pastry Chef Sparkla

Chinese (simplified) 糕点师烁星
Gāodiǎnshī Shuòxīng
Pastry Chef Shining Star

Chinese (traditional) 糕點師爍星
Gāodiǎnshī Shuòxīng
Pastry Chef Shining Star

French Étincelliste pâtissière
Patissiere Sparkla
German Funkeli
Italian Splendì pasticciera
Patissiere Sparkla
Portuguese Esplendista
Spanish Esplendi Repostera
Pastry Chef Sparkla