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A Sparkla Spirit is a more powerful form of Sparkle in Princess Peach: Showtime! The Sparkla Spirits are given to Princess Peach by each of the Sparklas. Having them allows Peach to transform into Radiant Peach and open the door to Grape. A Sparkla Spirit is fueled by a Sparkla's love for the Sparkle Theater and its passion for performing. Because of the Sparkla's love, the power of Sparkle is amplified by quite a bit, which then creates a Sparkla Spirit. When the Sparkla Spirits are combined with another person's own Sparkle, it makes the user very powerful. This effect can easily be seen when Peach's Sparkle is combined with the Sparkla Spirits. When this action is completed, the power of Peach's Sparkle not only allows her to levitate, but she can fire powerful Sparkle projectiles as well.

Regular Theets seem to have a similar power; by giving Peach some of their Sparkle power, they allow Peach to transform into Super Radiant Peach. This form can fire beams of Sparkle energy and is powerful enough to take on Grape the Great.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Esprit d'Étincelliste
Sparkla's spirit
German Funkelkraft
Sparkla Power
Italian Spirito degli Splendì
Sparklas' spirit
Portuguese Energia do esplendor
Sparkla energy