Cowgirl Sparkla

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Cowgirl Sparkla
Cowgirl Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Cowgirl Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
“Thank you! I thought I was done for! All right, partner, let's find a way outta here! I'll treat ya to a glass of milk when we get back!”
Cowgirl Sparkla, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Cowgirl Sparkla is a Sparkla Theet in Princess Peach: Showtime! She is initially trapped in the basement of the Sparkle Theater by Grape. After clearing Cowgirl at Dusk, Princess Peach and Stella have the opportunity to rescue the Cowgirl Sparkla in the stage The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town.

In the aforementioned stage, the Cowgirl Sparkla is tied up to a post on the train tracks, going to be run over by the Dark Locomotive. Cowgirl Peach, while riding her horse race the train and save the Sparkla just in time. They all then decide to escape. The horse brings three cars behind it for Peach to stand on, while the Cowgirl Sparkla takes the reins and leads the way out.

During the escape, the Dark Locomotive returns and tries to charge into the cars from behind. After throwing several barrels at the train, it loses speed and falls into a pit, destroyed for good. The heroes find a way out, and afterwards the Cowgirl Sparkla is found on the third floor of the Sparkle Theater, admired by other Theets.

Before the final battle against Grape, all of the Sparklas, including the Cowgirl Sparkla give Princess Peach Sparkle Power to allow her to transform into Radiant Peach. All of the Sparklas are then seen in the ending where they celebrate with everyone.


  • "This isn't how I wanted it to end!"
  • "Do I hear a horse? Is someone comin' for me?!"
    • "Over here! This way!" (Calling Peach to rescue here)
    • "Oh no! It's speeding up!"
    • "Hurry!"
  • "Thank you! I thought I was done for!" (After being rescued)
    • "All right, partner, let's find a way outta here!"
    • "I'll treat ya to a glass of milk when we get back!"
  • "Hoo-wee, what's this?"
    • "No chance of us gettin' out this way." (After seeing a broken bridge)
    • "We need a plan…"
    • "Hey! Where'd your horse get off to?" (after seeing the horse left before it returns pulling three carts)
    • "Your pal looks like she's rarin' to go!"
    • "Leave the reins to me! Get up on the back!"
    • "All right now… Hyah!" (After Peach hops onto one of the carts)
  • "They're givin' chase! I'll leave 'em to you!"
  • "Well that's sure a troublin' sight." (After the Bandit Dūkes were defeated)
    • "Those carts're gonna bust! Quickly, up here!" (When the second two cars are falling apart)
  • "Jump comin' up!"
    • "Jump!"
  • "Sorry for the wait!" (Returning with three new carts)
    • "No fallin' now!"
  • "The train's back?!" (Upon seeing the Dark Locomotive in the background)
  • "Jump on!"
    • "We made it!"
    • "Let's hurry to the exit!"
    • "Huh?!" (Upon seeing and hearing the Dark Locomotive chasing them down)
  • "I ain't got time for you!"
    • "I'll shake 'em off. You buy us time!"
  • "Not far to go now!" (Approaching the last jump for the exit)
  • "You were WILD!" (After completing The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town for the first time)
  • "I’ll take out the no-gooders!" (Initial dialogue in Sparkle Theater)
  • "Watch my play for a taste of the wild!" (After defeating Grape)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カウガールキラリスタ
Kaugāru Kirarisuta
Cowgirl Sparkla

Chinese (simplified) 牛仔烁星
Niúzǎi Shuòxīng
Cowboy Shining Star

Chinese (traditional) 牛仔爍星
Niúzǎi Shuòxīng
Cowboy Shining Star

Dutch Cowgirl-Sprankteur
Cowgirl Sparkla
French Étincelliste werstern
Western Sparkla
German Funkeli
Italian Splendì cowgirl
Cowgirl Sparkla
Korean 카우걸트윙클스타
Cowgirl Twinkle Star

Portuguese Esplendista
Russian Артискр Ковбой
Artiskr Kovboy

Spanish Esplendi Vaquera
Cowgirl Sparkla