Sour Thieves

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Sour Thieves
A large spherical Sour Thief holding a treasure bag in The Perfect Infiltration in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
Species Robot

The Sour Thieves are an antagonist group in Princess Peach: Showtime! consisting of three subcategories: A large spheric flying one that robs items, a small spheric flying one that shoots lasers if it detects Dashing Thief Peach, and a wheeled one that guards and attacks. They differ significantly in design and behavior from those of the Sour Bunch. They are primarily associated with the four levels that Dashing Thief Peach appears in and can be halted temporarily by striking them with her grappling hook.


Unless otherwise stated, the below info refer to the large spheric subcategory.

The Perfect Infiltration[edit]

Soon after the start of The Perfect Infiltration they rob a nearby bank through a broken window and carry the stolen bags to their base further down the street, while a sixth has stolen Ribboner's treasure further down from the base. Peach then deactivates some wheeled thives on her way to reach an agent.

The conveyor belt area of their base that Peach makes her into is guarded by mini Thieves while the large Thieves place bags into crates. After some rooms were left unguarded, two wheeled Thieves try to stop Peach from opening the vault door but are defeated as the vault door opens out on them.

As Peach has reclaimed the bags, many wheeled Thieves try to stop Peach from fleeing including by starting an upwards laser platform, while large Thieves fly by as Peach makes her escape in a hang glider.

The Stolen Statue[edit]

Soon after the start of The Stolen Statue they steal a golden statue of a Theet (with a live Theet hanging on to the statue) from a town square with an air blimp that Peach attempts to catch up to and lands on.

Mini and wheeled Thieves are turned on as Peach turns the lights off when she has got inside the air blimp base. The blimp's cockpit is piloted by two wheeled Thieves that are turned off after Peach breaks through the front window and hacks into a nearby computer. Two wheeled Thieves and a propellor airplane try to stop Peach from operating the lift, and then attempt to initiate a self-destruction of the blimp which Peach narrowly escapes.

The Dark Prison & the Dangerous Trap[edit]

Five Thieves and two mini Thieves show up partway through the escape sequence in The Dark Prison & the Dangerous Trap

Dashing Thief Rehearsal[edit]

As with the hang gliding section in The Perfect Infiltration, they fly around in the air in Dashing Thief Rehearsal but in much larger numbers and pose a much bigger threat to Peach.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Räubertruppe
Robber Troop
Italian Ladri
Guardia (security robot)