Ninja Sparkla

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Ninja Sparkla
Ninja Sparkla
Ninja Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
“We will prevail if we work together. You will pay for what you have done!”
Ninja Sparkla, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Ninja Sparkla is a Sparkla Theet in Princess Peach: Showtime! He is initially trapped in the basement of the Sparkle Theater by Grape. After clearing Ninjutsu: The Art of Flames, Princess Peach and Stella have the opportunity to rescue the Ninja Sparkla in the stage The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards.

In the aforementioned stage, the Ninja Sparkla is trapped by the guards by wrapping him around with ropes, so Ninja Peach must defeat all of the guards without being spotted by one of them. After the red guard was defeated, the Ninja Sparkla is free. Him and Ninja Peach need to escape by heading to the tower where they might find their exit there. When they got there, they scaled on the roof and found a Dark Ninja appears and tells them that their escape ends up here, making the tower to collapse into pieces. The Ninja Sparkla and Peach must chase after him. When they almost reached towards the exit, they must work together to defeat the Dark Ninja if order to escape. After clearing the stage, the Ninja Sparkla can then be found on the first floor of Sparkle Theater, where he is admired by other Theets.

Before the final battle against Grape, all of the Sparklas, including the Ninja Sparkla give Princess Peach Sparkle Power to allow her to transform into Radiant Peach. All of the Sparklas are then seen in the ending where they celebrate with everyone.


  • "What an unfortunate turn of events…"
  • "I am in your debt."
    • "Your technique is very impressive!"
    • "Ah, we'd better hurry out of here now..."
    • "Let's head for the tower."
    • "We may find our exit there."
    • "Come!" (opening a curtain for the tower pathway)
  • "Through here!"
  • "Pure-shadow technique!" (teleporting through the spotlight)
  • "Careful, now…" (seeing two guards with lanterns)
  • "I sense something…"
    • "It's a trap!" (Running from the rising spikes)
  • "We're almost there!"
    • "Oh no!" (After being illuminated by a red spotlight)
    • "Well in that case...." (moments before triggering a smoke cloud at the Ninja Guards)
    • "Now!"
    • "Well done!" (after Peach defeats the guards surrounding them)
  • "Here we are."
    • "Now to scale the tower."
  • "Just a bit farther!"
    • "What? Who is that?!"
  • "A test of resolve. Do not waver!"
    • "Let's go!"
  • "We will prevail if we work together."
    • "You will pay for what you have done!"
  • "Your ninja skills are unparalleled." (After completing The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards for the first time)
  • "If you master ninja arts, you can even vanish!" (Initial dialogue in Sparkle Theater)
  • "You can see my special techniques in the play!" (After defeating Grape)
  • "We're holding a hide-and-seek challenge! Can you find my apprentices hiding in each stage?" (post-game hide-and-seek challenge)
  • "Well done finding all of the apprentices. I will present you with a reward!" (hide-and-seek challenge completed)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 忍者キラリスタ
Ninja Kirari Suta
Ninja Sparkla

Chinese (simplified) 忍者烁星
Rěnzhě Shuòxīng
Ninja Shining Star

Chinese (traditional) 忍者爍星
Rěnzhě Shuòxīng
Ninja Shining Star

French Étincelliste ninja
Ninja Sparkla
German Funkeli
Italian Splendì ninja
Ninja Sparkla
Portuguese Esplendista
Russian Артискр Ниндза
Artiskr Nindza

Spanish Esplendi Ninja
Ninja Sparkla