Light Fang

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Light Fang
Light Fang in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Light Fang in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Species Snake
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
“Fang! Entertain our pesky guests, will you? I'd like to review their performance.”
Grape, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Light Fang is the second Darkle boss appearing in Princess Peach: Showtime! as a boss in the level, Darkle Boss: Light Fang. It is one of the minions of Sour Bunch that appears on 2F after clearing the shows on said floor. Fifteen Sparkle Gems are needed to open the door leading to the boss. Its name is a pun of White Fang, a story about a wolf-dog rescued from its abusive owner.

In the battle against it, Princess Peach must navigate through courses while staying out of sight from Light Fang. If it sees Peach, it will damage her and rewind time, returning her to the start of the area. It will not happen immediately, so Peach still has a chance to hide if she is spotted. Princess Peach can use Sparkle Power on pink lights in the path to temporarily deactivate Light Fang. At the end of each area is a big pink light that, when Sparkle Power is used on it, breaks apart Light Fang, revealing its Darkle Sphere. After attacking the Darkle Sphere, the sphere will move to a new area, where the snake will reform. Princess Peach can use a lift to travel to the next area as well.

In the second and third areas, Light Fang can follow a set path with its vision, and can use its tail to destroy weak walls and potentially damage Peach. Light Fang is fought in three phases.

Upon defeat, the Darkle sphere explodes and its body disintegrates. As Peach and Stella exits the dark door, the dark door and strings blocking 4F disappears. Additionally, Peach can access the Dashing Thief Rehearsal.

After clearing the game, Light Fang, as well as the other bosses, can be refought in order to earn more Sparkle Gems. The conditions for the Sparkle Gems are:

  • Don't cause time to rewind.
  • Obtain 8 Sparkle pieces.
  • Win the fight without taking damage.

A dress with the style of Light Fang, known as the Fang Dress, can be bought from the Lobby Shop after defeating the boss.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリゾントスネーク
Horizonto Sunēku
Cyclorama (from the German word Horizont, meaning "horizon") Snake

Chinese 天幕蛇
Tiānmù Shé
Canopy Snake

Dutch Criticonda
Portmanteau of criticus ("critic") and "anaconda"
French Reptoflash
Portmanteau of reptile and "flash"
Italian Serpiflash
Portmanteau of serpente ("snake") or serpi ("snakes") and "flash"
Portuguese Holobote
Portmanteau of holofote ("spotlight") and bote ("lunge", "attack")
Spanish Luminíbora
Portmanteau of luminar ("luminary") and víbora ("viperinae")