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Kung fu master
Screenshot of an enemy from Princess Peach: Showtime!
The kung fu master in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Species Puppet fighter
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
Madame Grape bestowed great power unto me. Now you'll experience the extent of it!”
Kung fu master, Princess Peach: Showtime!

The kung fu master is a boss appearing in Princess Peach: Showtime! in all three Kung Fu Peach stages: A Kung Fu Tale, A Kung Fu Legend and The Dark School & the Twisted Fist. He is a tall Kung Fu fighter that works for Grape and is part of the Sour Bunch.

In A Kung Fu Tale, the kung fu master has defeated the Teacher, and Princess Peach must transform into Kung Fu Peach to stop him at the training hall. Along the way, the kung fu master arrives and challenges Peach to a duel. She must time her attacks well to block the boss's attacks and eventually counterattack him once he is stunned. The boss will then wait at the training hall. Once Peach reaches the training hall, the kung fu master is fought in two rounds - one at the base and one on the roof. Kung Fu Peach defeats the kung fu master and sends him flying off the stage.

In A Kung Fu Legend, the kung fu master returns and tries to stop Peach from rescuing the Theacher's children he kidnapped. He now performs multiple attacks at once instead of only one. Once he is out of the way, Kung Fu Peach returns to saving the children. Once they have all been saved, the kung fu master challenges Peach again, this time tossing energy projectiles that must be reflected back with good timing. After a flurry of attacks by Peach, she sends the kung fu master flying again.

In The Dark School & the Twisted Fist, the kung fu master guards the Kung Fu Sparkla, and is now powered up by Grape. He summons two copies of himself, both of which must be defeated before Peach battles the real one. One copy fights with his arms, performing multi-hit attacks. The other copy fights with his legs and attacks by kicking and jump kicking. Kung Fu Peach must counter this copy in the air if he performs the latter. The real kung fu master can intervene by throwing energy projectiles. Once the copies are disposed of, Peach must fight the real one. The real kung fu master fights by throwing energy projectiles and by teleporting between the left and right. Peach must turn to face the correct direction to reflect the energy projectiles. After sending enough back, the kung fu master throws a big one that must be reflected with multiple inputs. The kung fu master will get hit by it and be sent to the wall, losing his powers in the process. After the Kung Fu Sparkla is rescued, the kung fu master gets back up and attacks both Peach and the Sparkla. After a few counterattacks, the two finish off the boss by jump kicking him at the same time, breaking him apart.


A Kung Fu Tale[edit]

  • "Ha! All bark, no bite." (First intro)
  • "You think yourself skilled, do you?" (First encounter)
    • "I suppose I'll toy with you for a bit."
    • "Hmph. You're better than I thought." (When defeated)
    • "We'll fight again if you reach the training hall."
  • "Oho! So here you are." (Boss fight encounter)
    • "Very well. Give it your best shot."
    • "Not bad... Let's see how you deal with this!" (Beginning second phase)

A Kung Fu Legend[edit]

  • "So we meet again." (First encounter)
    • "I'll show you the meaning of pain."
    • "Hm. Playtime is over. For now..." (When defeated)
  • "Useless, all of you. (Boss fight encounter)
    • "Ha, let's see how you handle this!"

The Dark School & the Twisted Fist[edit]

  • "Madame Grape bestowed great power unto me."
    • "Now you'll experience the extent of it!"
  • "Hmph. Let's see how you fare with this." (Before tossing a dark orb at Peach)
  • "Not too shabby." (After his clones are defeated)
    • "And now, the real battle begins."
    • "Haaaa!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Boss (from his minions)