A Kung Fu Tale

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A Kung Fu Tale
Kung Fu Peach and Sour Bunch minions hopping on the logs in A Kung Fu Tale the Princess Peach: Showtime!  Transformation Trailer: Act I.
World 4F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Kung Fu Peach
Boss Kung fu master
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A Kung Fu Tale is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the upper right on the fourth floor of the Sparkle Theater. This stage is unlocked after clearing all of 3F. It is the first level where the Kung Fu transformation is used.


The show starts with the kung fu master being seen on top of a staircase to a training hall, followed by its staircase exploding. With the local Kung Fu master Theet struck out, and with various Sour Bunch members around him, Peach brightens up two student Theets at the bottom of the stairs with Sparkle, who leads her to a mountain sidepath.

Getting past some Sour Bunch members and through a bridge, a large gate that Peach cannot jump over, has four Sour Bunch members taunt her. Heading further right, she opens a large red gate, gets past some swinging logs, and gets the Kung Fu Peach transformation.

Returning to the large gate, Peach kicks her way through it and heads onto a bridge. Having saved a student Theet, Peach fights face-to-face with the Kung Fu master. To beat him, Peach has to time her attacks to circular shrinking movements, similar to those in Elite Beat Agents. One successful combo will make him withdraw.

Getting through a marketplace, she finds herself in a half-circle fight stage that would later be used for Kung Fu Rehearsal, kicking and spinning through the Sour Bunch members. Making her way further through pillars and up the mountain, she finds herself fighting an army of Sour Bunch members, spinning and kicking to defeat them, and gets to the top of the mountain to fight the Kung Fu master a second time. Two successful combos are sufficient to defeat him.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Inside and to the right of the pagoda, where three Sour Bunch members had just been defeated.
  2. After getting the Kung Fu Peach transformation, head back to the second (left) training spinner and smash it.
  3. Obtained after destroying the boulders where Theets are trapped behind at the gate.
  4. Defeat the Kung Fu master in the first fight.
  5. On top of the second rooftop in the following section.
  6. Eight Sparkle Gem fragments in the jump section soon after.
  7. Defeat all Sour Bunch members on the pillars after the half-circle fight arena.
  8. Found in a sub-area while climbing the mountain. Kung Fu Peach must strike a pose to access the sub-area. The Sparkle Gem is found on a high platform that can only be reached to by jumping from a pole.
  9. Eight Sparkle Gem fragments near the two-floor spin pole setup. Though it is possible to get all eight fragments through spinning and jumping alone, the intended method is to head up a nearby hill and then take to the left.
  10. Defeat the Kung Fu master in the second fight.


Ribboner is found the far right after the two-floor spin pole, where Peach can smash through the boulder between them. He awards the Kung Fu Dress for Peach.

  • Help request: "Li'l ol' me is stuck back here..."
  • Rescue message: "That was so cool!"

Postgame Ninja Theets[edit]

  1. In front of the large gray staircase, immediately after beginning the stage.
  2. In the town square immediately after the student Theets tell Peach to take a mountain path.
  3. To the right of the large red gate that leads into the log jump trial, after transforming.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 功夫英雄伝カンフーえいゆうでん
Kanfū Eiyūden
Kung Fu Heroic Tale

Chinese (simplified) 功夫英雄传
Gōngfū Yīngxióng Chuán
Kung Fu Heroes

Chinese (traditional) 功夫英雄傳
Gōngfū Yīngxióng Chuán
Kung Fu Heroes

Dutch Een kungfuverhaal
A kung fu tale
French Un conte de kung-fu
A kung fu tale
German Eine Kung-Fu-Geschichte
A Kung Fu Story
Italian Una favola kung fu
A kung fu tale
Portuguese Um Conto de Kung Fu
A Kung Fu Tale
Spanish Un relato de kung-fu
A kung fu tale