The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage

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The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage
Figure Skater Peach, Figure Skater Sparkla, a Sour Bunch regular skater, and various icicles and coins near the end of the escape section in The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Figure Skater Peach
Boss Sour Bunch figure skater
Music track Into The Darkness
Music sample
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The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, and is the third and last level where Peach uses the Figure Skater Peach transformation. This stage becomes available after A Parade on Ice has been completed.


The level starts out with Peach in her Figure Skater transformation, skating rightwards and up towards an ice rink where seven Sour Bunch members stand in the way. They do however not need to be defeated to enter the portal that is past them.

Once Peach has passed through the resulting portal, she finds herself in a third bout with the Sour Bunch figure skater, this time under different rules than in the previous two bouts: Sour Bunch figure skater will spawn falling large icicles that Peach must avoid, in order for her to spin him around with pair dancing, during which time she has to spin or jump at snowflakes. Doing so at five snowflakes frees the Figure Skater Sparkla.

As a result of the icicles that fell during the bout, all the other icicles in the level are beginning to fall down too, leading to Peach and Figure Skater Sparkla having to flee from the icicles together.

On the advice of Figure Skater Sparkla, the escape section relies heavily on yellow spin jump snowflakes, to jump up to and across both tall and long obstacles, before escaping to safety. Some parts of the section also have blue snowflakes, with which Peach can lift Figure Skater Sparkle above her head for a double pirouette that can defeat Sour Bunch members even while the members themselves are spinning.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Peach must defeat the seven Sour Bunch members in the initial skate rink.
  2. A basement pose platform is found on a platform on the left, immediately before the portal after the initial skate rink. Peach must then succeed at matching the five snowflakes.
  3. Peach must collect eight Sparkle Gem fragments during a chicane part of the escape section.
  4. On high ground before the ending sequence. Figure Skater Peach must backtrack a little bit to reach the Sparkle Gem.
  5. Obtained upon finishing the show.


After the initial skate rink, if the right sidepath is taken before heading into the front portal, he will be found laying down with two Sour Bunch skaters circling him. He awards the Multicolored Figure Skater Ribbon after being rescued.

  • Help message: "Everything's spinning!"
  • Rescue message: "Quite the dizzying spin you've got there!"

Postgame Ninja Theet[edit]

Towards the end, right before the last jumps on the crumbling floors, a Ninja Theet awaits.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミの氷塊ひょうかいくろ舞台ぶたい
Yami no Hyōkai to Kuroi Butai
Dark Chunk of Ice and Black Stage

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗的冰块与黑色舞台
Hēi'àn De Bīngkuài Yǔ Hēisè Wǔtái
Dark Ice Cube and Black Stage

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗的冰塊與黑色舞台
Hēi'àn De Bīngkuài Yǔ Hēisè Wǔtái
Dark Ice Cube and Black Stage

Dutch Schaduwpodium op het duistere ijs
The shadow podium on the dark ice
French Glace sombre et scène obscure
Dark ice and dark stage
German Dunkles Eis und finstere Bühne
Italian Il palco oscuro sul ghiaccio
The dark stage on ice
Korean 어둠의 얼음덩어리와 검은 무대
Eodum-ui eoleumdeong-eoliwa geomeun mudae

Portuguese O Rinque Sombrio e os Sincelos
The Dark Rink and the Rime Ices
Russian Ледопад и каток мрака
Ledopad i katok mraka

Spanish Sobre hielo y malguria
On ice and darkle