Blight of the Sea

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Blight of the Sea
Mermaid Peach, a fish, and two Theets who feel depressed in Blight of the Sea in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
World 5F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Mermaid Peach
Boss Sour Bunch mermaids near the concert stage
Music track Enchanting Echo of the Abyss
Music sample

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Blight of the Sea is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the upper right on the fifth floor of the Sparkle Theater. This stage is unlocked after clearing all of 4F.


The level starts out with Theets being kidnapped away by a large underwater ship in the distance. Peach recruits a yellow fish with purple fins, who seem particularly excited about Mermaid Peach's singing voice.

After swimming by and optionally rescuing Mermaid Theets on the way to catch up with the ship, she defeats four Sour Bunch mermaids with help from the fish, and makes her way into a large hole on the front right of the ship.

Finding Theets and fish trapped inside a cage in the ship, Peach recruits a school of small fish to open two fences, from which an eel emerges and is recruited to smash the cage. Peach then heads up the stairs to a concert stage, where she holds a concert similar to that of Melody of the Sea.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. In the backroom pose elevator between the second and third Theets in the stair-shaped rock near the start. Inside, Peach must uncorrupt the four Theets inside with her mermaid voice, which has the same effect on Theets as Sparkle.
  2. Within the clamshell on top of the same stair-shaped rock as above.
  3. In the autoscrolling second section, within the clamshell in a bottom left sideway, after the first corrupted Theet.
  4. Reaching the pirate ship entrance section.
  5. Inside the pirate ship, there is a grate on the floor that small fish can swim through. The Sparkle Gem is found below the grate.
  6. Reaching the section where the eel smashes the cage.
  7. Making all fishes in the final concert glow up.


Ribboner can be found after recruiting the yellow fish very soon after the start of the level, if Peach then goes back to the start of the level and opens the far upper left clamshell. He awards the Mermaid Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "I'm stuck in here!"
  • Rescue message: "Your singing is enchanting!"

Postgame Ninja Theets[edit]

  1. Behind the starting platform.
  2. Soon after the start below the peak of a cliff range where many clams and sad Mermaid Theets are.
  3. On the immediate right after entering the hole of the ship.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブライト・オブ・オーシャン
Buraito Obu Ōshan
Blight of Ocean

Chinese 海洋的光明
Hǎiyáng De Guāngmíng
The Light of the Ocean

Dutch Plaag van de zee
Plague of the sea
French Le fléau de la mer
The scourge of the sea
German Meer in Gefahr
Sea/Ocean in Danger
Italian Sventura in mare
Sorrow/Misfortune in the sea
Korean 브라이트 오브 오션
Beulaiteu Obeu Osyeon
Blight of Ocean

Portuguese A Maldição do Mar
The Curse of the Sea
Russian Бич морей
Bich morey

Spanish Los infortunios del mar
The misfortunes of the sea


  • In this level, Peach can cheer up dark-clouded Theets who feel down through singing with her Mermaid transformation, something normally only done with Sparkle.