The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets

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The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets
The bake-off between the two patissieres and the Dark Baker in the The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Boss Dark Baker
Music track Into The Darkness
Music sample
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The Dark Bake & the Bewitching Sweets is a stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located upstairs of the BF to the far-left. After completing Welcome to the Spooky Party, the player will get the opportunity to play this stage in 3F. The Patissiere Sparkla is trapped in this stage.


The Patissiere Sparkla possessed by the Dark Baker in the The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!
The Patissiere Sparkla possessed by the Dark Baker

Upon entering the stage, Princess Peach is already Patissiere Peach. Stella comments that the area is weird and suggests to find the Patissiere Sparkla. After making some progress to the right, the Patissiere Sparkla is found, but she has been corrupted by the Dark Baker. She welcomes the two to Madame Grape's baking stage and wants to bake with them. She then travels to a bakery further to the right. Patissiere Peach must follow the Sparkla inside.

Patissiere Peach after she successfully bakes her triple-layer character cake in the The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Patissiere Peach successfully bakes a triple-layered character cake

Once inside the bakery, the possessed Sparkla challenges Patissiere Peach, which involves baking a triple-layered character cake, with the first baker to do so the winner. The first layer is the base of the cake, which has Peach using icing to connect macarons on the edges. The second layer involves piping icing around the macarons in a "+" shape around the edges. The third layer has Peach decorating the head of the cake, using icing to make the eyes and hat. After Patissiere Peach wins the contest, the corrupted Patissiere Sparkla does not accept her loss and wants to taste the cake herself. After tasting the cake, the Sparkla becomes cleansed and compliments Peach's baking. Peach and the Sparkla then make their escape. As they travel to the right, they are taunted by the Dark Baker.

The patissieres then find the exit, but curtains close over it. The Dark Baker then arrives and challenges the two to a bake-off race, which Patissiere Sparkla thinks they have no real choice but to accept. The first team to fill five plates with cookies wins. During the contest, the Dark Baker jumps and Ground Pounds between the four bowls, knocking away anyone who may be standing there or baking. The Dark Baker can use a mixer and bake up a lot of cookies at a time, tossing them to a plate afterwards. The Patissiere Sparkla can also bake some cookies on her own, but Peach can bake with her, baking a large batch of cookies at once. After the patissieres fill all five plates with cookies, the Dark Baker becomes angry and declares that taste is more important than speed. Peach and the Sparkla then decide to bake a giant cookie for the Dark Baker to eat, who becomes amazed and overwhelmed by the taste and disintegrates. The curtains vanish as well, allowing for the patissieres to escape and for the stage to be complete.

On return to Sparkle Theater, Patissiere Sparkla compliments Peach's baking skills, before the Sparkla heads upstairs to the third floor.

Loss outcomes[edit]

If Peach loses the cake decoration race, the corrupted Patissiere Sparkla celebrates her victory, while Peach lose one HP and is returned to a couple seconds before the cake decoration race starts.

If she loses the cookie bake-off, the camera zooms in on the Dark Baker's filled plates, while Peach lose one HP is then returned to a couple seconds before the cake decoration race starts.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

Sparkle Gems that are always obtained in regular gameplay, are marked with an asterisk ⁽*⁾.

  1. Not far into the stage is an area where Peach can strike a pose to enter a sub-area. In this sub-area, Patissiere Peach must bake cookies for hungry Theets, who will reward her the first Sparkle Gem upon being fed.
  2. Successfully baking the triple-layered character cake before the corrupted Patissiere Sparkla has completed her second layer
  3. Obtained after cleansing the Patissiere Sparkla.*
  4. Obtained by baking at least three big batches of cookies with the Patissiere Sparkla and then proceeding to win the bake-off against the Dark Baker
  5. Obtained after clearing the stage.*

Stella ribbon[edit]

Multicolored Patissiere Ribbon: To the right of the entrance to the bakery where the cake decorating contest is held is the Ribboner. He is hungry, and so Patissiere Peach must head back slightly to where Patissiere Sparkla was first encountered and bake cookies for him. The quality of the cookies do not affect the outcome. After he eats, he becomes full of energy and his mood is brightened.

  • Help request: "I'm so hungry..."
  • Rescue message: "Positively delicious! I'm full of energy!"

Postgame hidden Theet[edit]

The hidden Theet is found to the left of the entrance to the bakery where the cake decorating section is.


  • If Peach decides to let Patissiere Sparkla do the cookie bake-off solo, she will only have filled up one and a half of the stacks by the time Dark Baker has finished all five.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミのパティシエと幻惑げんわくのスイーツ
Yami no Patishie to Genwaku no Suītsu
Dark Pastry Chef and Bewitching Sweets

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗的糕点师与迷幻的甜点
Hēi'àn De Gāodiǎnshī Yǔ Míhuàn De Tiándiǎn
Dark Pastry Chef and Psychedelic Desserts

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗的糕點師與迷幻的甜點
Hēi'àn De Gāodiǎnshī Yǔ Míhuàn DeTiándiǎn
Dark Pastry Chef and Psychedelic Desserts

Dutch De duistere bakker
The dark baker
French Les biscuits du pâtissier sombre
The biscuits of the dark pastry chef
German Die verzauberten Leckereien
Italian I dolcetti del pasticciere oscuro
The sweets of the dark baker
Korean 어둠의 파티시에와 유혹의 디저트
Eodum-ui Patisiewa Yuhog-ui Dijeoteu

Portuguese A Confeiteira Sombria e as Delícias
The Dark Baker and the Sweets
Russian Кондитер мрака и сладости
Konditer mraka i sladosti

Spanish Pastelería de la malguria
Pastry of darkle