The Stolen Statue

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The Stolen Statue
Detective Peach partway into the blimp base in The Stolen Statue in Princess Peach: Showtime!.
World 4F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Dashing Thief Peach
Boss None
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The Stolen Statue is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the upper left on the fourth floor of the Sparkle Theater. This stage is unlocked after clearing all of 3F.


Peach arrives on a street at nighttime, with a Sour Bunch airship stealing a nearby gold statue soon after. Peach hooks onto a propeller airplane right afterwards, from which Peach jumps from plane to plane.

Peach lands on a platform in the rear right middle of the blimp. Making her way through a codelocked door, she turns off the next room's lights, resulting in hovering security bots with beams searching around.

As Peach gets through, and out on a windy outside platform (she will stand still despite the wind), wheeled security bots notice her and begin bombing the pipes. Having then got past the pipes, Peach breaks the window into the blimp's control room and jumps inside, where Peach must distract two wheeled security bots so she can open a codelocked door on the right, and slide down a pipe on the left.

After a hook puzzle, a blimp self-destruction is initiated, initially with no time limit, but with walls then beginning to clamp down at high enough speed that Peach must use hooks to get out fast enough.

As the blimp explodes, Peach flies out into the night with her cape.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

Sparkle Gems marked with an asterisk ⁽*⁾ will always be obtained during regular gameplay.

  1. Under the hook of an airplane immediately after a top-or-bottom path.
  2. Collect eight Sparkle Gem pieces, by using a hook on the right to reach five gems, and three on the left (two of them requiring opening a door to reach)
  3. If Peach succeeds at the rapid four-hook chain above three security bots, the Gem is above the door.
  4. Down a backstage elevator on the immediate left of the door that has led out to the windy platform. Peach must perform an upwards three-hook combo to reach the Gem.
  5. On a sideway on the upper left, two-thirds through the airplane bombing section.
  6. Reaching the blimp control room section.*
  7. Taking the upper path during the final escape.


Ribboner can be found if Peach takes to the left after the first code-locked door of the blimp. He awards the Dashing Thief Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "I'm on the wrong blimp!
  • Rescue message: "Time to use my handy parachute!"

Postgame Ninja Theets[edit]

  1. Behind the stage's starting platform.
  2. On the upper left of the section where Peach turns off the lamps.
  3. On the lower path of the escape section, immediately before the tip of when the paths re-merge. It is also possible to jump down from the upper path to where the ninja is without getting squashed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 怪盗かいとうマスク 〜うばわれた黄金像おうごんぞう
Kaitō Masuku ~Ubawareta Ōgon Zō~
Masked Phantom Thief ~The Stolen Golden Statue~

Chinese (simplified) 蒙面怪盜 〜被抢走的黄金像〜
Méngmiàn Guàidào ~Bèi Qiǎngzǒu De Huángjīn Xiàng~
Masked Phantom Thief ~The Stolen Golden Statue~

Chinese (traditional) 蒙面怪盜 〜被搶走的黃金像〜
Méngmiàn Guàidào ~Bèi Qiǎngzǒu De Huángjīn Xiàng~
Masked Phantom Thief ~The Stolen Golden Statue~

Dutch Het gestolen standbeeld
The stolen statue
French La statue volée
The stolen statue
German Die gestohlene Statue
The stolen Statue
Italian La statua rubata
The stolen statue
Korean 괴도 가면 ~빼앗긴 황금상~
Goedo gamyeon ~Ppaeasgin hwang-geumsang~

Portuguese O Furto da Estátua
The Theft of the Statue
Russian Похищение статуи
Pohhishzhyenie statui

Spanish El robo de la estatua
The theft of the statue


  • Although the chase portions in the first and second sections have auto-scolling camera views, there are no auto-scroller invisible walls that prevent Peach from moving forward, making it possible to do large parts of both sections with Peach way off-screen to the right.
    • The planes in first third of the second portion's chase do however only sweep in at set times, so that particular area can not be done particularly far off-screen.