The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town

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The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town
Album image for The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Cowgirl Peach
Boss Dark Locomotive
Music track A Wild Showdown
Music sample
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The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the fourth-from-left on the upper tier of the basement of the Sparkle Theater. This stage becomes accessible after clearing Cowgirl at Dusk. It is the third level where the Cowgirl Peach transformation is used.


The show starts with Cowgirl Peach jumping near-immediately onto the Horse that is standing nearby, taking up the chase on a train route with two lanes besides, towards Sour Bunch members on horsebacks and a train they're operating.

Having surpassed the train, Peach rescues Cowgirl Sparkla from the pole she was tied to.

With the Horse and the Cowgirl Sparkla having set up a three-wagon ride to get across broken and wonky bridges, they make a great leap across a canyon, with Peach ending up in a small corrupted village ahead. After getting across the village's four buildings, Peach jumps back onto the horse, then jumps off again to three slowly sinking platforms as the train catches up with them, then gets back onto the horse again.

With the train now right behind them, Peach catches and throws barrels at the train's front with her lasso, getting across the final jump, with train falling down the canyon in the middle. The locomotive now catches up to Peach, instead of the other way around, as Peach has to grab floating barrels and thrown them at the front of the locomotive, to keep it at bay long enough for one final jump, with the locomotive crashing into the canyon soon after.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

  1. Between two rocks in Lane Two, circa when Peach has caught up with the first box of the rearmost carriage.
  2. Rescuing the Cowgirl Sparkla.
  3. A backroom pose elevator is found to the right of the buildings before the broken bridge. Defeating four Sour Bunch gunmen will award the Gem.
  4. Defeat the box-carrying Sour Bunch horse rider before the second broken bridge, with the lasso.
  5. Doing particularly well at throwing barrels at the locomotive in the final section.


Ribboner is found underneath the third building of the village after the great leap. He awards the Multicolored Cowgirl Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "I'm stuck in here!"
  • Rescue message: "Whew! That was close!"

Lobby Shop stock[edit]

Completing the level allows Peach to buy the Special Cowgirl Dress for 300 coins at the Lobby Shop.

Postgame Ninja Theet[edit]

  1. In the start of the second section, on top of the nearest bridge pole before jumping up on the three horse wagons.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミの列車れっしゃ崩壊ほうかいまち
Yami no Ressha to Hōkai no Machi
Dark Train and Collapsing Town

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗的列车与崩坏的城镇
Hēi'àn De Lièchē Yǔ bēnghuài De Chéngzhèn
Dark Train and Collapsing Town

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗的列車與崩壞的城鎮
Hēi'àn De Lièchē Yǔ bēnghuài De Chéngzhèn
Dark Train and Collapsing Town

Dutch De duistere locomotief
The dark locomotive
French Train sombre et ville condamnée
Dark train and doomed city
Italian La corsa della locomotiva oscura
The race/ride of the dark locomotive
Portuguese A Locomotiva Sombria e o Povoado
The Dark Locomotive and the Town
Spanish Asalto al tren de la malguria
Assault on the darkle train