It's Showtime, Grape!

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It's Showtime, Grape!
Radiant Peach in the first of two final boss fights of Princess Peach: Showtime! against Grape, as flamethrowers and flying Sour Bunch members are around them.
World BF
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Radiant Peach, Super Radiant Peach
Boss Grape, Grape the Great
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It's Showtime, Grape! is the final stage in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located on the center of the bottom section of the basement. Peach needs to have saved all of the Sparklas in order to enter the level, meaning she must have beat all previous main game levels and bosses, except the rehearsals.

It is the only level in the game in which the Radiant Peach and Super Radiant Peach transformations are used.


First phase[edit]

In the first playthrough, the Radiant Peach transformation scene is played. On subsequent playthroughs, she starts out as Radiant Peach when the level begins.

Peach walks towards Grape, who is standing on a platform in the center of the room. Grape gives a short speech about how she wishes to turn Peach's "play" into a tragedy. Grape then attacks Peach, starting the first phase of the battle.

Floating above a circular platform that surrounds Grape, Peach must shoot Sparkle projectiles at Grape while avoiding obstacles such as falling boxes from above, fire from below, and speeding trains that come from both above and below.

The three sections have the same obstacles, but the intensity increases each time. After the third phase, Peach flies higher to deliver her final blows on a stunned Grape.

Second phase[edit]

With only Grape's mask remaining after the battle, Peach discards her transformation and returns to Sparkle mode. As Peach and Stella walk away, the mask suddenly begins to shake and laugh. It then creates a big explosion, and turns into a giant creature with large unconnected hands.

The explosion destroys the Sparkle Theater and part of the surrounding island, causing Stella to despair. Much to their surprise, the surrounding Theets send their Sparkle energy to Peach. With their power, Peach transforms into Super Radiant Peach and confronts Grape the Great.

The second phase of the battle involves Peach having to shoot beams of Sparkle energy at Grape the Great's mask while avoiding projectiles that are shot at her from either Grape the Greats disembodied hands or Darkle vortexes that it creates. Once enough beams hit Grape the Great, Peach flies into the air and rams into Grape. The player must press the attack button multiple times in order for Peach to increase her speed and power until she finally breaks through. Grape the Great then disintegrates into nothing. The remaining mask ends up floating far out to sea.


Peach flies around and restores all of the damaged areas with her powers, turning nighttime into daytime in the process. Upon descending to the ground, she discards her transformation, with the Sparklas and other major Theets running up to congratulate her as confetti twirls around them. Two Toads come up to Peach with her crown and suitcase, and Peach is overjoyed to see them, but asks Stella about her hair. Stella unties Peach's hair ribbon for the occasion of placing the crown on Peach's head again, and the Pictioneer takes an offscreen photo of the moment. Some time after Peach had left Sparkle Theater, she receives a letter from Stella inviting her back. Upon receiving the invitation, she sets off to visit the theater once again, leaving her crown behind.

Rematch Sparkle Gems[edit]

  • Avoid defeating any dancers.
  • Win the battle against Grape without taking damage.
  • Win the battle against Grape the Great without taking damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グレープ Showtime!
Gurēpu Showtime!
Grape Showtime!

Chinese (simplified) 桂葡 表演时刻!
Guìpú Biǎoyǎn Shíkè!
Grape Showtime!

Chinese (traditional) 桂葡 表演時刻!
Guìpú Biǎoyǎn Shíkè!
Grape Showtime!

Dutch Showtime, Grape!
French (NOA) Syrah sort le grand jeu!
Grape pulls out all the stops!
French (NOE) Syrah sort le grand jeu !
Grape pulls out all the stops!
Italian Uva Spina entra in scena!
Grape enters the scene!
Portuguese Rubi Rouba a Cena!
Grape Steals the Show!
Spanish ¡Grape, a escena!
Grape, on scene!