Darkle Boss: Light Fang

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Darkle Boss: Light Fang
The Darkle Boss: Light Fang level in Princess Peach: Showtime!
World 2F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Boss Light Fang
Music track Darkle Battle (Boss)
Music sample
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Darkle Boss: Light Fang is a boss stage in Princess Peach: Showtime! It is found on 2F and is unlocked after clearing both all of the other shows on the floor and The Dark Swordfighter & the Arena in BF.[note 1] This stage is a boss battle against Light Fang, with a platformer format rather than a direct battle. To unlock the dark door leading to the boss, Princess Peach must give Stella fifteen Sparkle Gems. As Peach will have obtained the 25 required Sparkle Gems for Darkle Boss: Disco Wing and this level combined at this point in the game just by reaching specific parts in 1F's and 2F's levels, Stella will always be able to be provided with the ones she needs.


Light Fang in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Light Fang in the cutscene

Upon entering the stage, there is a cutscene where Princess Peach and Stella encounter Grape, who is annoyed with the two and mentions the rescue of the Swordfighter Sparkla. She then unleashes Light Fang on the heroes before leaving. The fight then begins.

The battle takes place across three areas, with each phase taking place at a different area. Throughout the entire battle, Light Fang is in the background, looking around. Its vision is indicated by the light shining from its eyes. Princess Peach must move at the right time and hide behind the walls to avoid being seen. If Light Fang spots her, Peach will have a small amount of time to hide before she takes damage. Light Fang will also rewind time to send Peach back to the start of the section. Princess Peach must reach to a big pink light at the end of the area and activate it using Sparkle Power. This will cause the light to shine bright and cause Light Fang to fall apart, revealing its Darkle Sphere. After attacking the Darkle Sphere, it will move to the next area. Princess Peach can then use a lift to travel to the next area, where Light Fang has reassembled.

In phase one, Princess Peach must proceed to the right while Light Fang slowly looks around. There are two paths to go, one on the top, and the other on the bottom. The top path acts as a shortcut and leads directly to the big pink light. The bottom path has a small pink light that, when activated, temporarily stuns Light Fang. There are also enemy snakes that emerge from a wall past the small light that are easily dispatched by either activating the light or by using Sparkle Power. If Peach takes the lower path, she will have to climb up a little bit to reach the big pink light.

In phase two, Princess Peach must travel to the left side. Along the way, there is a breakable wall. Once peach reaches this wall, Light Fang will use its tail to break it. While it does so, it will not look around, so Peach can escape before it starts searching again. There is then a section where Light Fang searches in a clockwise manner, rather than looking from side to side. After this is a climbing section with the big pink light at the top. Light Fang will search in a figure eight pattern.

In phase three, Princess Peach must proceed to the right, with Light Fang back to searching normally. The path now has rotating gears along the way. The first section has a breakable wall, but rather than swiping at it, Light Fang will use its tail to smash the wall from above, destroying the platform behind it as well. In the next section, Princess Peach must climb while Light Fang searches in a clockwise circular motion. The last section involves more climbing, with the final big pink light at the top. The path to it has no solid walls to hide behind - just three breakable walls. At the base of this section is a small pink light, as well as two holes in the wall on the right that spawn snakes. After Princess Peach attacks the Darkle Sphere one last time, Light Fang will be defeated, and the stage is complete.

After clearing the stage, the threads blocking 3F disappear, allowing access to the floor. The Dashing Thief Rehearsal also becomes available on 2F.

Post-game challenges[edit]

  1. Don't cause time to rewind.
  2. Obtain 8 Sparkle pieces.
  3. Win the fight without taking damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミラージュボス:ホリゾントスネーク
Yamirāju Bosu: Horizonto Sunēku
Darkle Boss: Light Fang

Chinese (simplified) 黑暗幻象首领︰天幕蛇
Hēi'àn Huànxiàng Shǒulǐng: Tiānmù Shé
Dark Illusion Boss: Canopy Snake

Chinese (traditional) 黑暗幻象首領︰天幕蛇
Hēi'àn Huànxiàng Shǒulǐng: Tiānmù Shé
Dark Illusion Boss: Canopy Snake

Dutch Duistermachtdienaar: Criticonda
French Boss Étinsombre : Reptoflash
Darkle Boss: Light Fang
German Dunkelboss: Suchscheinviper
Italian Boss Scurore: Serpiflash
Darkle Boss: Light Fang
Korean 다크미라지 보스: 일루미네이크
Dakeumilaji Boseu: Illumineikeu

Portuguese Chefão sombrio: Holobote
Dark Boss: Light Fang
Russian Босс помрачения: Юроноклык
Boss pomracheniya: Yuronoklyk

Spanish Jefe malgurio: Luminíbora
Darkle boss: Light Fang


  1. ^ Stella will refuse to let Peach leave BF if she tries walking up to 1F again, until The Dark Swordfighter & the Arena has been completed.