A Kung Fu Legend

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A Kung Fu Legend
A part of the first house in A Kung Fu Legend in Princess Peach: Showtime!, with Kung Fu Peach, Sour Bunch ninjas, and the Theet balloon in the frame.
World 5F
Game Princess Peach: Showtime!
Primary power-up Kung Fu Peach
Music track The Legendary Dragon Kick
Music sample
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A Kung Fu Legend is a level in Princess Peach: Showtime!, located in the upper left on the fifth floor of the Sparkle Theater. It is the second level where the Kung Fu transformation is used.


Peach starts out in her Kung Fu Peach transformation, and is approached by Theets who hear screams from inside a large building complex. Peach fights her way up through the buildings, defeating Sour Bunch members and the Kung Fu master on her way.

Peach defeated the first fight with the Kung Fu master with a two-step combo attack. Moving on through more enemies and saving local training Theets also the way, reaching up to the second fight with the Kung fu master. The first phase is different from those of the first fight and those in A Kung Fu Tale: Peach must kick back various fastballs and high balls at Kung Fu master, similar to Ultra Machine and the WarioWare Gold version of One Hit Wonder. The second phase follows the earlier rules: one successful combo will defeat him.

Sparkle Gems[edit]

Sparkle Gems marked with an asterisk ⁽*⁾ will always be obtained during regular gameplay.

  1. Save the hairbun Theet at the top of the first indoor section from the Sour Bunch member.
  2. Defeat the Kung Fu master in the first fight.*
  3. Save the Theet on the top right of the collapsing roof pillar section.
  4. In a backroom pose elevator in the lower left of the long down-spiraling pole. Peach must spin up a few poles inside to reach the Gem.
  5. Saving the hairbun Theet in the following building.
  6. On the third floor after saving the hairbun Theet, a purple door leading to lots of vases and coins can be entered. Upon leaving that room again, eight Sparkle Gem fragments will appear around the pole on the right.
  7. Defeat the Kung Fu master in the second fight.*


Ribboner is found in a small passage behind of (upper left) the stairs to the second door in the first section. Awards the Kung Fu Ribbon for Stella.

  • Help request: "I'm buried in... pots?"
  • Rescue message: "What an incredible kick!"

Postgame Ninja Theets[edit]

  1. In the first indoor section, to the immediate right behind the center (third) pole.
  2. On the right of the first floor of a three-floor collapsing roof pillar section.
  3. On the second floor of a spinning section, right after saving the fifth Sparkle Gem's Theet


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 功夫武勇伝カンフーぶゆうでん
Kanfū Buyūden
Kung Fu Heroic Saga

Chinese (simplified) 功夫武勇传
Gōngfū Wǔyǒng Chuán
The Legend of Kung Fu and Martial Art

Chinese (traditional) 功夫武勇傳
Gōngfū Wǔyǒng Chuán
The Legend of Kung Fu and Martial Art

Dutch Een kungfulegende
A kung fu legend
French Une légende de kung-fu
A kung fu legend
German Eine Kung-Fu-Sage
A Kung Fu Saga
Italian Una leggenda kung fu
A kung fu legend
Korean 쿵호 무용전
Kungho Muyongjeon

Portuguese Uma Saga de Kung Fu
A Kung Fu Saga
Russian Легенда кун-фу
Legenda kun-fu
A kung fu legend

Spanish Una leyenda de kung-fu
A kung fu legend