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Appearance Donkey Kong
Levels 8
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The Ship is the third world of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. Donkey Kong escapes after his defeat in the Forest and seeks for peace with his kidnapped lady on board the Ship. This world features several water-themed levels, and spins on ropes and High Jumps from a handstand are required to complete certain levels in the world. Mario has to use Walking Blocks to overcome pits of spikes. The Ship has 8 stages.


Mario swinging himself onto the Ship

These enemies are introduced on the Ship:


Level Enemy species and obstacles greeted
Stage 3-1 Walking Block
Stage 3-2 Sir Shovalot, Kānyī
Stage 3-3 Sir Shovalot, Aqua Man
Stage 3-4 Donkey Kong, Kurasshā
Stage 3-5 Wire Trap, Faiachū, Bin
Stage 3-6 Aqua Man
Stage 3-7 Sir Shovalot, Gessori
Stage 3-8 Donkey Kong, barrels

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [1]
Dutch Schip[2] Ship
French Navire Ship
Spanish Barco Ship


  • The music that plays in this world is a remix of the Bonus Game music.


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