Stage 1-4

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Not to be confused with World 1-4.
Stage 1-4
LV 1-4 Doney Kong (GB).png
World-Level 1-4
World Big-City
Game Donkey Kong
Time Limit 150 seconds
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Stage 1-4 is the fourth level of the Big-City and the fourth original level overall in Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. It is also the first original level of the game in which Donkey Kong is encountered and so does not have any of Pauline's lost items.


The level contains mostly platforms and ladders. There are no enemies except Donkey Kong, who will cause Mario to lose a life if touched. To reach Pauline, Mario must climb up to her while avoiding the debris that falls every time Donkey Kong stomps. If he gets hit by any of them, Mario is stunned for a short while. Mario starts at the lowest platform to the right where he must go to the left where there are ladders. He must climb up both of them then go to the right and climb down another ladder leading to some unconnected platforms which he must jump on to make it across to another platform. Then he must climb a long ladder then go down a ladder then climb up a ladder to Pauline before Donkey Kong takes her away.