Stage 5-8

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Stage 5-8
World-Level 5-8
World Desert
Game Donkey Kong
Time Limit 150 seconds
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Stage 5-8 is the eighth level of Desert, the fifth world of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. The stage represents a boss fight (technically speaking) between Mario and the old Donkey Kong, with Pauline acting a supporter for the jumping plumber.

This level is heavily similar to the 25m stage of the original Donkey Kong, as it overflows with ladders and inclined platforms, as well as Oil Drums that generate Fire enemies when a barrel crashes into them. Donkey Kong sits at the top and oversees the actions of Mario. However, there is one major difference that shatters apart the relationship between 25m and this article's subject, and it is an environmental one. Whilst the first one happened in a construction site, the latter one takes place inside an ancient pyramid (hence the hieroglyphs), so as to match the main theme of the overworld.


As said before, this stage is a reconditioned version of 25m, the very first stage of the arcade Donkey Kong. It is divided in two layers, each of three stone platforms - two are on the sides of the level, and beneath them stays the other one, which is longer and occupies the central column of the stage. In this division, the sandstone floor at the base and the top platform on which Donkey Kong stands are not counted. All the platforms, including Donkey Kong's, are bent down and connected by ladders. These two factors facilitate the rolling of the barrels hurled by the ape. On the base floor, right under the first central platform, two Oil Drums rest in peace until they get hit by barrels, in which case they spawn Fire enemies. Nothing much can be said about the simple stage 5-8, as long as the bricks and the inscriptioned slabs in the background do not ask for attention.

Pauline's lost items[edit]

None of Pauline's lost items can be found in this stage.