Stage 2-1

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Not to be confused with World 2-1.
Stage 2-1
DonkeyKong-Stage2-1 (GB).png
World-Level 2-1
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong
Time Limit 200 seconds
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Stage 2-1 is the ninth stage for the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong and the first level of Forest. After Donkey Kong was defeated in the Big-City he took Pauline and ran off to the Forest.


The stage starts off with Mario on a Dotty which starts moving. a Sniper also roams the area so Mario must be careful. Mario must climb the long Ladder to the next platform and either Handstand Jump to the higher platform and jump on the two other platforms on the left or climb an even longer ladder on the right, either way leads to the Lever. Mario must pull the lever to activate the two bridges to get to the Key on the left side then run across the bridge to the other bridge on the right connected to a platform. He must then jump onto the Elevator to the bottom platform while avoiding a Dotty and Sniper then go to the opening to fall through and make it to the Door ending the level.