Stage 9-9

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Not to be confused with World 9-9.
Stage 9-9
Stage 9-9 of Donkey Kong on the Game Boy.
World-Level 9-9
World Tower
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 150 seconds
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Stage 9-9 is the final level of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, and the final level of the Tower world.


Donkey Kong as he appears during the boss fight.

The level starts out with Mario and Pauline on a platform. Then Donkey Kong shakes the ground and knocks Pauline off of the screen and Mario on to the ground. Then the Donkey Kong boss fight begins with 2 platforms left. Once Mario defeats Donkey Kong, Pauline walks onto the screen and Mario and Pauline walk towards each other.


  • When selecting the stage, the Donkey Kong-like top proceeds to bear a grin, foreshadowing the battle against Donkey Kong.