Stage 5-2

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Not to be confused with World 5-2.
Stage 5-2
Stage 5-2 of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy
Level code 5-2
World Desert
Game Donkey Kong
Time limit 150 seconds
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Stage 5-2 is the second level of the Desert in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. This level introduces some new enemies.


Mario starts on the ground where he must go left and climb up a ladder, but he must watch out for the Furafurawā which will emerge from the platform and attack him. Mario then must go right, jump up some blocks, grab a rope, then jump off of it while going to the right. Mario must then climb up a ladder while watching out for Miira so they do not hurt him. Mario can take them out by picking one of them up then throwing it at the other one, or use the Super Hammer to defeat them. Mario must head back with the Super Hammer and break some bricks to create a hole for him to go in, then he must make his way to the bottom so he can break some more. Mario will then encounter a Skeleton that attacks him by throwing bones, which he must defeat as it also guards the key. Mario must break a few bricks to make a way to the door. A 1 UP Heart can be found above the Door, which can be reached by climbing up the rope.


Pauline's lost items[edit]

Within this stage, Pauline's lost items can be found in the following order and in the following places:

  • Hat: Near the door.
  • Bag: Above the first ladder.
  • Parasol: Behind a brick wall. Mario must take the Super Hammer then land on a platform between the gap then get at the edge of it then toss it up, Mario then must Handstand Jump up to the platform on the left then he must get the Super Hammer again to destroy the bricks to get to it.