Sour Bunch figure skater

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Sour Bunch figure skater
Sour Bunch Figure Skater posing during pre-fight in A Parade on Ice.
Species Sour Bunch
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)

The Sour Bunch figure skater is a villain character in the three Figure Skater Peach levels in Princess Peach: Showtime!

He strikes flamboyant poses and repeatedly challenges Peach to bouts on circular ice rinks. Despite his attitude, he gets very often dizzy during his skating performances, enabling Peach to grab onto him and spin him around, making him even more dizzy. After the bouts, he describes his admiration of Peach's skating skills as he vanishes.

He is able to corrupt figure-skater Theets into skating along with him.


  • A Snow Flower on Ice: Arrives immediately after Peach's figure-skating performance, corrupts her eight accompanying Theets, and heads off with them. After Peach successfully catches up to his own tent, he challenges her to a bout. To defeat him, Peach must grab onto and spin him around while he's dizzy, giving Peach a few seconds to spin around the blown-around Theets to get them on her side. When all eight are recovered, and Peach and the eight skate around him, he is defeated.
  • A Parade on Ice: Has taken over the hall that was intended to mark the end of the parade. The bout has the same rules as in A Snow Flower on Ice, except with two Sour Bunch members surrounding him, and the three rocks on the previous rink are absent.
  • The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage: He was approached at an earlier point by Figure Skater Sparkla, who he then put in a cage. His spins make large icicles fall down, which Peach must dodge. Performing five snowflake moves while he recovers frees Figure Skater Sparkla.

The battles against him do not have phases. It is possible to one-shot the first two bouts, and two-shot the third bout, while none of the three bouts have a maximum number of rounds to defeat him in.


A Snow Flower on Ice[edit]

  • "Ta-da!" (Silhouette appearance)
    • "I know you've all been waiting for me!"
    • "Come on over here!"
  • "Now you are all mine!" (after corrupting the 8 Dancer Theets)
    • "And! With! That!"
    • "Time for the BIG show on the BIG stage!"
  • "Welcome!" (Boss battle intro)
    • "To my stage!"
    • "Are you here to help the dancers?"
    • "Ha! Good luck. You won't match my skills."
  • "Bear witness to the glory of my jump!"
    • "Oh my.. The world just keeps spinning..."
  • "Grrr... How DARE you!"
    • "Such... Sụch beauty!"

A Parade on Ice[edit]

  • "Sorry for the wait!"
    • "Looks like it's up to me to finish this parade!"
    • "АННН НА НА НА!"
  • "Time for the TRUE finale!" (Boss battle intro)
  • "Behold, my most glorious spinning!"
    • "Oh my... Why won't the world stop spinning..."
  • "WHAT?! HOW?!"
    • "Ahhh… So…dazzling!"

The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage[edit]

  • "HAAA HA HA HA!"
    • "Welcome!"
    • "Come to witness my greatest performance?"
    • "Or maybe…"
    • "You—like that Sparkla—are here to trip me up!"
  • "Now it is time for..."
    • "Dark…"
    • "POWER!"
    • "I flubbed the landing!"
    • "The dark power... It's weakening..."
  • "Ah... Your grace has touched my soul!"