Dashing Thief Sparkla

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Dashing Thief Sparkla
Dashing Thief Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Dashing Thief Sparkla in Princess Peach: Showtime!
Full name Masque the Dashing Thief
Species Theet
First appearance Princess Peach: Showtime! (2024)
“Next time, we infiltrate their evil lair together!”
Dashing Thief Sparkla, Princess Peach: Showtime!

Dashing Thief Sparkla, referred to as Masque the Dashing Thief on two occasions in The Perfect Infiltration, is a Sparkla Theet in Princess Peach: Showtime! He is initially trapped in the basement of the Sparkle Theater by Grape. After clearing The Stolen Statue (in which a the titular golden statue of himself is stolen by the Sour Thieves), Princess Peach and Stella have the opportunity to rescue the Dashing Thief Sparkla in the stage The Dark Prison & the Dangerous Trap.

In the aforementioned stage, the Dashing Thief Sparkla is trapped in a cage, so Dashing Thief Peach must unlock four locks scattered in different areas. After all locks are deactivated, the Dashing Thief Sparkla is released, but the place starts falling apart, therefore the heroes must escape. After unlocking more locks and ziplining, the Dashing Thief Sparkla and Dashing Thief Peach use hang gliders to fly to the exit. After clearing the stage, the Dashing Thief Sparkla can be found on the second floor of the Sparkle Theater, where he is admired by other Theets.

Before the final battle against Grape, all of the Sparklas, including the Dashing Thief Sparkla give Princess Peach Sparkle Power to allow her to transform into Radiant Peach. All of the Sparklas are then seen in the ending where they celebrate with everyone.


  • "You must be…"
    • "My luck hasn't entirely run out! OK, so..."
    • "There are four locks. Can you unlock them?!"
  • "Nicely done! Three more to go." (After the first lock is opened)
  • "Excellent. Just two remaining." (After the second lock is opened)
  • "One more… You're almost there!" (After the third lock is opened)
  • "Incredible! All that's left is the central lock!" (After all four locks are opened)
  • "I really owe you! Thank you so much." (After being freed)
    • "It was harrowing but also kind of fun, hm?"
    • "Wuh!" (After hearing a loud rumble)
    • "So there was a trap after all..."
    • "First, let's get back to the surface!"
  • "Not good. This whole place is falling apart."
    • "Let's head this way!"
  • "That lock's up there, huh?"
    • "I'll take care of that." (Jumps to the upper deck and accesses the lock)
  • "This one's all you!" (Stopped by lasers where the lock is on the bottom where Peach is)
    • "Great work!" (After Peach opens the lock)
  • "What now?!" (During the transfer where the Sparkla is on the bottom and Peach on top)
    • "Enemies… Be careful!" (Where two mini Sour Thieves attack Peach)
    • "Bravo!" (After Peach defeats her enemies)
    • "This place is fraught! Let's hurry!"
  • "This one has to be pressed simultaneously." (Upon countering two locks)
    • "Three… Two… One… Now!"
    • "Excellent!" (After successfully opened the locks simultaneously)
  • "This is a daring moment, no?" (Upon arrival at the large gap)
    • "Let's give 'em a show with our grand escape."
    • "That was almost too easy!" (After crossing the gap and dodging the lasers)
  • "The exit is just ahead."
    • "Don't fall!"
    • "Watch out!"
    • "Nice work." (After evading the Sour Thieves)
  • "An updraft! Let's use it!"
    • "And… jump!"
  • "Next time, we infiltrate their evil lair together!" (After completing The Dark Prison & the Dangerous Trap for the first time)
  • "Even photos cannot capture a dashing thief!" (Initial dialogue in Sparkle Theater)
  • "I will steal everyone’s hearts with my acting!" (After defeating Grape)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 怪盗かいとうキラリスタ
Kaitō Kirarisuta
Phantom Thief Sparkle

Chinese (simplified) 怪盗烁星
Guàidào Shuòxīng
Phantom Thief Shining Star

Chinese (traditional) 怪盗爍星
Guàidào Shuòxīng
Phantom Thief Shining Star

Dutch Meesterdief-Sprankteur
Masque de meesterdief
Master Thief Sparkla
Masque the Master Thief
French Étincelliste voleur
Thief Sparkla
German Funkeli
Italian Splendì ladro misterioso
Ladro misterioso (from the other Theets)
Mysterious thief Sparkla
Mysterious thief
Portuguese Esplendista
Masque, o mascarado furtivo
Spanish Esplendi Furtivo
Masque, el ladrón del antifaz
Furtive Sparkla