Mr. Bancroft and Hugo

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Mr. Bancroft and Hugo
Mr. Bancroft (left) and Hugo (right)

Mr. Bancroft and Hugo are characters in the Saturday Supercade episode Double or Nothing. Mr. Bancroft is an executive who holds the will for Lucy Belle's mansion, and Hugo is a caretaker. Together, they attempt to take advantage of Mr. Bancroft's mention in Hubert Jefferson's will by attempting to prevent Lucy Belle from solving a rebus puzzle by midnight, the only way she can truly inherit the mansion.

Mr. Bancroft and Hugo in their disguises
The duo in their disguises

They first appear at the beginning of the episode in their disguises and capture Lucy Belle, even evading Donkey Kong Jr.'s and Bones's attempts to stop them. They then appeared at the meeting without their disguises, and Mr. Bancroft read Hubert Jefferson's will to "Lucy Belle". Angry that "Lucy Belle" had "escaped", Mr. Bancroft captured him while Donkey Kong Jr. gave chase. This move backfired on Mr. Bancroft; when Donkey Kong Jr. caught up with him, he managed to distract Mr. Bancroft long enough to let go of Bones and the duo found Lucy Belle.

Mr. Bancroft and Hugo then resolved to prevent Lucy Belle from solving the rebus once and for all. They found Bones and chased him around. Donkey Kong Jr. attempted to "bake a pie" out of them, but Bones accidentally fell into him, causing the dough to land on Donkey Kong Jr. Mr. Bancroft and Hugo threw him into a laundry chute and resumed their chase on "Lucy Belle".

As the real Lucy Belle was entering the corridor, Bones accidentally blew his ruse by knocking himself into a wall and causing his wig to fly off. Mr. Bancroft and Hugo then managed to steal a piece of the rebus from the real Lucy Belle; however, before they could get far with it, Donkey Kong Jr. arrived and used his "Monkey Muscle!" to distract them and steal back the rebus piece, allowing Lucy Belle to solve it. It was then that Donkey Kong Jr. pulled off their disguises and Bones read the other part of the will that mentioned Mr. Bancroft. Mr. Bancroft's and Hugo's fates are left unknown.


  • Mr. Bancroft and Hugo are two of the very few antagonists in the first two seasons of Saturday Supercade where their post-episode fate is never even hinted at.