Junior Meets Kid Dynamo

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Junior Meets Kid Dynamo"
SaturdaySupercade JuniorMeetsKidDynamo.png
Segment Donkey Kong Junior
Season 1
Episode 8
Airdate USA November 5, 1983
Writer(s) Michael Maurer
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Junior Meets Kid Dynamo is the eighth episode of the first season of Saturday Supercade.

Plot synopsis[edit]

As Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones travel through a city, Bones notices a robbery nearby, being committed by Dr. Demise and his assistant Horace. The two decide to thwart the robbery, springing off of a nearby streetlight to reach the level of the building Horace is on. Donkey Kong Jr. sneaks up on him and knocks him out with a bin, causing the pulley with the safe they were stealing to fall. Bones also falls when he leans too far over, but he is saved by a boy capable of flight named Kid Dynamo, who catches the falling safe, but is too late to stop Dr. Demise. As the two villains escape in their helicopter, Dr. Demise begins a new scheme: figuring out how to disable Kid Dynamo's powers.

Meanwhile, while heading back to their motorcycle, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones wonder if they could have met Kid Dynamo in person. While walking, Bones accidentally stumbles upon a boy and a talking dog. Believing the boy to be Kid Dynamo's true identity, he tries to eavesdrop on them, only to accidentally fall into a trash can (which the dog closes immediately). As Bones tries to reason with them, Donkey Kong Jr. arrives, with the boy realizing that he met them not too long before. He introduces himself as Ricky, and confirms that he is the true identity of Kid Dynamo. The dog introduces himself as Lightning, and explains Kid Dynamo's origin story: a decade before, when Ricky had recently been born, an ominous blue meteor struck the hospital where he was being incubated; unlike most meteors, this particular meteor left behind unidentified particles that mostly fell directly on Ricky and Lightning, granting Ricky his flight and superhuman abilities, and Lightning his enhanced abilities. Ricky further explains that they use their powers to fight villains such as Dr. Demise, and Donkey Kong Jr. agrees to head to his home to help him.

Meanwhile, at a local museum, Dr. Demise and Horace find the meteor dust. Reading a newspaper article regarding the meteor crash, Dr. Demise uses his knowledge of Kid Dynamo's age to deduce that the dust is what grants him his powers - and also what can revert his powers. He immediately steals the dust to take to his hideout, and resolves to capture Lightning to lure Kid Dynamo into a trap.

At his home, Ricky and Lightning inform the duo that while they know how to beat Dr. Demise, they cannot locate his hideout no matter how hard they try. Donkey Kong Jr. suggests that they start finding clues, but Ricky's father tells him that he needs to rake the lawn's leaves. He does so by blowing a gust of wind to create a leaf tornado, which "chases" Bones directly into one of the nearby bins. As Lightning is momentarily distracted, Dr. Demise seizes the opportunity to capture Lightning, and taunts Kid Dynamo to chase him to his hideout. As Ricky transforms into Kid Dynamo, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones decide to follow on their motorcycle.

Kid Dynamo takes the bait, allowing Dr. Demise to easily throw some meteor dust at him, reversing his powers, as the molecular structure of the meteor dust was reversed by Dr. Demise. As Dr. Demise tries to convince a weakening Kid Dynamo to give up, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones bust in. With little other options, Horace activates the trapdoor, sending the trio down with it. Dr. Demise then announces his intent to rob the next train to depart from Sweetville Station, and leaves. As the trap's walls cave in, Donkey Kong Jr. squirts banana mush at the stop switch, allowing them to escape. As Lightning is freed, he gives some additional meteor dust to Kid Dynamo, who says he can turn it back to normal and restore his powers.

Eavesdropping on the villainous duo at Sweetville Station, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones, disguised as ticket collectors, board the train to stop Horace. Kid Dynamo and Lightning then appear, and a shocked Dr. Demise starts chasing them. Kid Dynamo and Lightning lure them into a nearby forest, and Kid Dynamo whacks the helicopter with the end of a fir tree, covering it in fir needles. As Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones manage to corner and ensnare Horace in a coil of the metal shaft of the train car he is standing on, Kid Dynamo then destroys Dr. Demise's helicopter, causing him to fall on the same train car and ending his schemes for good.

As Ricky, Donkey Kong Jr., and Bones are eating dinner together, Donkey Kong Jr. announces that they will leave after dinner to continue the search for his father. Ricky's mother tells him that if he eats his vegetables, he will grow stronger, and Lightning adds, "Yeah...strong like Kid Dynamo!"