Trucknapper Caper

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Saturday Supercade episode
"Trucknapper Caper"
SaturdaySupercade TrucknapperCaper.png
Segment Donkey Kong Junior
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate USA September 13, 1983
Writer(s) Michael Maurer
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Trucknapper Caper is the first episode of Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong Jr. segment.

Plot synopsis[edit]

As they enter Texas on their motorcycle, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones are suddenly forced onto the right shoulder of the road by an odd group of pickup truck drivers. As they veer over some construction equipment, Bones is ejected, and Donkey Kong Jr. accidentally crashes the motorcycle into a tree. The duo stop at a nearby rest area to repair the motorcycle and change its oil. While they do so, they meet Jenny, a girl who claims her father to be the "biggest and strongest" truck driver in the state. As Donkey Kong Jr. responds by talking about his own father, Jenny's father informs them that they should be ready to leave soon, to which the same shady pickup truck drivers from earlier decide to steal his "fortune". They immediately kidnap him, toss him into their truck, and drive away as Jenny, Donkey Kong Jr., and Bones watch in horror.

Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, and Jenny give chase on their own motorcycle, discovering the "Trucknappers"'s hideout and where numerous other kidnapped truck drivers are being held. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones hop the fence, and Donkey Kong Jr. climbs a nearby tree, dragging up Bones with him.

As one of the Trucknappers eats a sandwich out of boredom, Bones and Donkey Kong Jr. eavesdrop on him. When Bones points out that they would need a crowbar to break into the truck, Donkey Kong Jr. unleashes his "Monkey Muscle!", tearing off the top encasing. When this catches the attention of the guard Trucknapper, Bones tugs on a tree branch to drop some heavy seedpods on his head, knocking him off. As Bones cheers himself on, he clumsily slips on a seedpod, falling off of the truck and right into the Trucknapper's lap.

As Bones tries to escape, he ends up right in the hands of the other three Trucknappers. While Bones tries to reason with them, Donkey Kong Jr. uses some pine needles for a disguise. He then claims that Bones is "Bad Boy Bones", and that he himself is "Monkey Rumpus", fellow "trucknappers". They then claim they want to "join" the Trucknappers, and they agree to do so only if the two "pass" their test.

Together, Donkey Kong Jr., Bones, and the Trucknappers drive to Turnpike Tex, the local bar, so that they can steal the truck of a champion arm wrestler. As the arm wrestler easy knocks out another challenger (even destroying the table they were leaning against), Donkey Kong Jr. immediately challenges the arm wrestler himself. As he wrestles, Donkey Kong Jr. manages to steal the keys to the arm wrestler's truck, then instantly defeats the arm wrestler. He tells the Trucknappers to meet them back at the hideout, then drives the stolen truck there. Bones expresses his doubts of the plan, but Donkey Kong reassures him that it will work.

Putting their plan into action, Bones calls over the Trucknappers to the back of the stolen truck. While he does so, he knocks twice, accidentally alerting Donkey Kong Jr.'s attention. Donkey Kong Jr. then inadventently ties him up, leading the Trucknappers to realize they had been tricked. Bones then accidentally hits the truck with all of the captors, veering it towards a cliff. While the Trucknappers chase Bones, Donkey Kong Jr. manages to lasso the truck and pull with all of his might to move it back into place.

Donkey Kong Jr. then uses "Monkey Muscle!" to help Bones escape, then uses a boulder as a bowling ball to knock out some tree logs and send them rolling towards the Trucknappers. They attempt to escape to a nearby shed, but the logs demolish the shed, trapping the Trucknappers inside.

Jenny and her father congratulate Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones for helping get the Trucknappers in jail, to which both claim it was nothing. As Jenny and her father drive away, Bones decides it's time to resume their search for Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. accidentally leaves Bones behind, but immediately comes back for him, claiming, "I would never leave without my big buddy Bones!" They then ride off together.


  • Based on the setting, it is inferred that the episode takes place at or somewhere near the Trans-Pecos region.
  • Bones states that Texas is the biggest state in the United States. In reality, Texas is the biggest state in the contiguous United States, and Alaska is the biggest state in the country overall.