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Hobo brothers
The Hobo brothers in Saturday Supercade
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("A Christmas Story") (1983)
Species Humans

The Hobo brothers are a group of characters appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "A Christmas Story."

They are first seen at the beginning of the episode, when Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones carry their bike to Mr. Anderson's house. As a little girl mentions that he has a "magic machine that makes toys," this catches the attention of the brothers, and they peek through his window to confirm it. When Bones falls into the pocket of a stuffed kangaroo when swarmed by the model planes he printed from the machine, the Hobo brothers take the opportunity to steal the machine, prompting him and Jr. to give chase.

During the chase, Donkey Kong Jr. cuts down a tree to block the Hobo brothers' path, prompting them to lift the log. However, as they attempt to lift it, he and Bones, disguised as snowmen, knocked them into the hollowed ends of the tree. However, Bones accidentally slips and falls in Jr.'s direction, causing him to snap the tree in two and allowing the Hobo brothers to escape.

They are later seen at a department store, where they attempt to sell the toy-making machine to a vendor, but it malfunctions during their demonstration, resulting in an unimpressed vendor to dismiss them. As they leave, Bones drags the slim Hobo brother to his lap and presents Donkey Kong Jr. as his own toy, allowing the latter to encircle him and place a drum case over his head. Bones then pulls his Santa hat over the head of the other brother, and he and Jr. attempt to place the Hobo brothers inside boxes. While Jr. successfully lures the slim one inside a box, Bones fails to lure the heavyweight one and falls inside the box instead, causing Donkey Kong Jr. to inadvertently wrap him instead. As he realizes his mistake, the heavyweight Hobo brother uses a cart to escape with the machine and the crate containing his brother. After they hide in trash cans to throw their pursuers off their trail, they decide to open up their own store to tap into the machine's potential.

After taking over a curbside toy vendor's stall, the Hobo brothers produce a teddy bear for a young boy, who suggests using the toy-making machine for his apartment building. After being kicked out of the building, they climb some stairs and knock on a nearby window, to which a young girl answers. The heavyweight weight brother attempts to use the machine to produce another teddy bear, but it malfunctions again, prompting them to run up to the complex roof. Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones demand them to return the machine, but they refuse, only to fall off the roof with the machine in tow. After thanking the former after he saves them, they agree to return to Mr. Anderson's house to wrap presents.

After the group piles their wrapped presents for Santa Claus to collect, the slim Hobo brother is excited to see Santa, while the heavyweight brother remains skeptical, having been denied a certain fire truck when he was younger. The slim brother returns with the gifts Santa gave to the group, and much to the heavyweight brother's surprise, he is gifted the same fire truck. The Hobo brothers are last seen at the end of the episode, as the group waves to Santa as he wishes them a merry Christmas.