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Mahgo from the comic "Sag niemals Holerö!"

Mahgo is a man appearing exclusively in the Club Nintendo comic "Sag niemals Holerö!". He is an ally of Mario, TicToc and Bomberman, telling them about secret powers they have.

Mahgo has blond hair, a large head (the reason for which is that he is omniscient, according to himself) and is wearing only a short white toga during the events of the comic. Another striking feature is that he is smoking a hookah.

Mario and his friends stumble across him in Frankfurt, Germany, in an Indian restaurant called Taj Mahal. They had to get through a maze of filing cabinets in order to find him. Mahgo tells each of the friends about a secret power they have and have not known about before. According to Mahgo, TicToc is able to freeze time for a few moments, while Bomberman can throw bombs. Mario, finally, has the gift to turn toilet brushes into zippers. When they leave contently, Mahgo quietly characterizes them as "weirdos" to himself.