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Issue 3/1997 of Club Nintendo, promoting Mario Kart 64

Club Nintendo was Nintendo's official, bimonthly published magazine in Germany, with issue 1/1998 also in Austria and Switzerland. It can be seen as the German equivalent to the American Nintendo Power. The first issue was published in 1989. Its precursor called Play Nintendo was already published in November 1988. This one had only eight pages and was more a form of a newsletter. Until 2001, the number of pages greatly increased throughout the years. In 2000, one issue of Club Nintendo had over 80 pages.

In 2001, because of redeployment at Nintendo of Europe, the old staff of the magazine was laid off and a German publishing company called Computec Media carried it on with a new staff. The new incarnation had far fewer pages and was aborted with issue 4/2002.

Club Nintendo is also the name of official Nintendo magazines from various other countries, most of which have been discontinued. Club Nintendo México, the official Nintendo magazine in Latin America, is the longest living of all, not being discontinued until 2019.


A unique feature of the magazine were the Nintendo comics, most of which were exclusively made for the magazine issue. The comics in the issues from 1991 to 1998 were drawn by Japanese manga artists (Mangaka), while the stories and texts were written by the German editors of the magazine themselves. In 1999 and 2000, they were replaced by a comic series called N-Gang, which are completely German productions. N-Gang features teenage human characters as protagonists, but video game characters still appear. While some of the comics are closely related to the games, there are also stories which take place on Earth instead of the usual environments of various Nintendo and third-party characters. All of the Nintendo comics were only released in Germany; they were never released anywhere else.

After 2000, when the magazine was published by Computec Media, no more comics were released in Club Nintendo.

List of comics in regular issues[edit]

Comics with no characters from the Super Mario franchise as main characters are excluded. The N-Gang is described in a separate article.

Issue Title Translation Pages
4/1991 Mario will hoch hinaus Mario is Aiming High 2
5/1991 Wart steht unter Strom Wart is Tensed Up 2
6/1991 Süße Weihnachten Sweet Christmas 2
1/1992 Marios Rückkehr (direct sequel of Mario will hoch hinaus) Mario's Comeback 2
2/1992 Ostern im Schwammerlland Easter in the Mushroom Kingdom 2
3/1992 Super Mario: Die unheimliche Begegnung der Yoshi-Art (direct sequel of Ostern im Schwammerlland) Super Mario: The Close Encounters of the Yoshi Kind 2
4/1992 Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit Super Mario: In the Flush of Speed 2
5/1992 Super Mario Klemp-Won-Do: Muskeln sind nicht alles! Super Mario Plumb-Won-Do: Muscles are not Everything! 4
6/1992 Super Mario: Die Bescherung Super Mario: The Giving out of the Christmas Presents 2
1/1993 Super Mario: Die Verwandlung Super Mario: The Transformation 4
2/1993 Super Mario: Coole Klänge Super Mario: Cool Sounds 4
3/1993 Super Mario: Mario im Wunderland Super Mario: Mario in Wonderland 4
4/1993 Super Mario: Erholung? Nein, danke! Super Mario: Recreation? No, Thanks! 4
5/1993 Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit (part 1) Super Mario: Lost In Time 4
6/1993 Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit (part 2) Super Mario: Lost In Time 4
1/1994 Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit (part 3) Super Mario: Lost In Time 4
2/1994 Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit (part 4) Super Mario: Lost In Time 4
1/1995 Donkey Kong Country (part 1) - 4
2/1995 Donkey Kong Country (part 2) - 4
3/1995 Donkey Kong Country (part 3) - 4
4/1995 Mario's Picross (part 1) - 4
5/1995 Mario's Picross (part 2) - 4
6/1995 Warios Weihnachtsmärchen Wario's Christmas Tale 8
1/1996 Super Mario: Die Verwandlung (reprint) Super Mario: The Transformation 4
2/1996 Mario in Mariozilla (part 1) - 4
3/1996 Mario in Mariozilla (part 2) - 4
5/1996 Super Mario in Die Nacht des Grauens (part 1) Super Mario in The Night of Horror 6
6/1996 Donkey Kong in: Banana Day 24 - 6
1/1997 Super Mario: Die Blume meines Herzens
(reprint of Super Mario: Coole Klänge with changed texts)
Super Mario: The Flower of my Heart 4
2/1997 Die Jagd nach dem Nintendo 64: Krawall im All The Race for the Nintendo 64: Ruckus in Outer Space 6
4/1997 Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse Blast Corps in Yoshi's Bang Cookies 6
5/1997 Die Nacht des Grauens (part 2) The Night of Horror 6
6/1997 Super Mario: Mario im Wunderland (reprint with changed texts) Super Mario: Mario in Wonderland 4
1/1998 Sag niemals Holerö! (part 1) Never Say Holerö! 6
2/1998 Sag niemals Holerö! (part 2) Never Say Holerö! 6
3/1998 Rummelplatzquatsch Fairground Nonsense 6
4/1998 Super Mario in Aloha Hawaii - 6

List of comics in special issues[edit]

Beneath the regular issues, also special issues were published, mainly to promote new Nintendo games and other products.

Issue Title Translation Pages
1 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - 32
2 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - 32
7 Auf der Suche nach dem Glück! In Search for Happiness! 9
7 Die Nacht der leuchtenden Yoshis! The Night of the Shining Yoshis! 9
7 Das Lied der Yoshi's! The Song of the Yoshis! 1
GB Camera Das Vermächtnis des Dr. Lichtblitz The Legacy of Dr. Light 6


Magazine covers[edit]

1993 Calendar[edit]

The final issue of 1992 contained a calendar. Each month had different artwork of Mario representing various countries.

Miscellaneous art[edit]

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