Club Nintendo Hanafuda

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Not to be confused with Mario Hanafuda.
The illustration on the external box of the Club Nintendo Hanafuda black deck

The Club Nintendo Hanafuda deck is a deck of Japanese playing cards known as Hanafuda. It was introduced as a reward of the Club Nintendo rewards program in 2007.

The Club Nintendo Hanafuda deck also makes an appearance in the Nintendo Switch title Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, where it can be unlocked and used in the Hanafuda game.[1]

Illustrations on the cards[edit]

In the Club Nintendo Hanafuda deck, many traditional illustations of the cards have been modified with elements from the Mario universe or with different text.

CNH Jan 1.png CNH Jan 2.png CNH Jan 3.png CNH Jan 4.png
CNH Feb 1.png CNH Feb 2.png CNH Feb 3.png CNH Feb 4.png
CNH Mar 1.png CNH Mar 2.png CNH Mar 3.png CNH Mar 4.png
CNH Apr 1.png CNH Apr 2.png CNH Apr 3.png CNH Apr 4.png
CNH May 1.png CNH May 2.png CNH May 3.png CNH May 4.png
CNH Jun 1.png CNH Jun 2.png CNH Jun 3.png CNH Jun 4.png
CNH Jul 1.png CNH Jul 2.png CNH Jul 3.png CNH Jul 4.png
CNH Aug 1.png CNH Aug 2.png CNH Aug 3.png CNH Aug 4.png
CNH Sep 1.png CNH Sep 2.png CNH Sep 3.png CNH Sep 4.png
CNH Oct 1.png CNH Oct 2.png CNH Oct 3.png CNH Oct 4.png
CNH Nov 1.png CNH Nov 2.png CNH Nov 3.png CNH Nov 4.png
CNH Dec 1.png CNH Dec 2.png CNH Dec 3.png CNH Dec 4.png