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A promotional photo of Donkey Kong Yahtzee.

Donkey Kong Yahtzee[1] is a Yahtzee board game themed to the Donkey Kong franchise. The game was designed by the board game production company USAopoly and published by Toynk Toys. The manufacturer's recommended ages for the game are eight years and older.


The game follows the same rules as a standard game of Yahtzee. Characters and objects from the Donkey Kong franchise are individually numbered on the sides of the game dice:

  1. Banana
  2. Barrel
  3. Squawks
  4. Rambi
  5. Diddy Kong
  6. Donkey Kong

These elements are also displayed on the game's score sheet. A large DK Barrel is used as the game's container, which can also be used to shake the dice.

Game description[edit]

Get ready to do a barrel roll with America's all-time #1 dice game! This special Donkey Kong Yahtzee includes DK's barrel as the cup and custom dice featuring Donkey Kong icons. Roll your way to victory with classic dice combinations like Full House, Large Straight and Five of a Kind. Officially Licensed. For 2 or more players.[1]

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