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Super Mario Level Up! board game box.
The game box

Super Mario Level Up! is a board game created by USAopoly based on the characters and settings of the Super Mario franchise, released in 2017. The objective of the game is to collect the most coins and be the first to climb the board to reach Peach's Castle at the top, both of which are done by drawing cards. It is based on New Super Mario Bros.


Each player takes one Line Up that has a list of six of the thirteen characters before beginning the game, not revealing it to anyone else. After this, each player takes a turn to place one of the characters on the board on one of the levels between 1 and 4, but they cannot place a character if four exist on that level. Each player takes a turn to place a character four times in a three-player game, three times in a four- and five-player game, and two times in a six-player game. The unpicked character goes into level 0, though in a five-player game, three unpicked characters go to that level instead. After this, any unoccupied spots on level 1 to 5 are filled with ? Block cards, while no ? Block cards are placed on level 0 and level 10.

On each turn, each player moves a character up one level that has fewer than four characters on that level. If a ? Block is on that level, they can flip it open to reveal its effect, where either it is played immediately or it can be saved for a later turn. Additionally, a Power Up card that can be played or saved for a later turn is drawn by that player, but once used, it gets added to the discard pile.

Once one of the characters reaches level 10 but nobody plays a card that sends them back down, a vote is held on if the character gets to stay in that position. Each player chooses one of the Vote Up cards that say either "YES!" (depicting Mario and Luigi) or "NO!" (depicting a Thwomp in a white background). If even just one of the players plays a "NO!" card without it being canceled, that character is removed from the board until a card that returns them is played. Any "NO!" cards are discarded, while "YES!" cards are added back to each player that plays one. The number of "NO!" cards that each player has at their disposal by default is four in a three-player game, three in a four-player game, and two in a five- and six-player game.

A round ends once a character is elected to stay at level 10, and scoring is conducted based on each player's Line Up card, where each character's position adds to the score total. For example, if Mario is at level 5 and Luigi is at level 2, seven points are awarded to the player who has Mario and Luigi on their Line Up card. Any character that is removed from the board is worth zero points.

When starting a new round, each player discards their current Line Up card and draws a new one, as well as returning all "NO!" cards that were discarded to each player. Additionally, all characters are removed from the board, and any ? Block cards not held by any player are removed from the board and reshuffled, after which the round starts anew.

At the end of the third round, if the player has any Coin ? Blocks, the number of points on every card is added. The player can shoot the moon and score zero points in the third round, where they gain 33 points instead. In case two or more players scored the same number of points, the one who has more characters on the board wins; otherwise, the victory is shared.


The following characters are depicted as cardboard cutout pieces, where the front has their designs and the back contains their names. Several Line Up cards that have six of the characters that will be used for scoring based on the characters' positions on the board are available.

? Block cards[edit]

? Block cards are cards that are depicted as ? Blocks on the board when facedown. They have one of the following effects behind each card:

  • 1 Coin: worth one point at End of Game
  • 2 Coins: worth two points at End of Game
  • Mushroom: Go Up a Level (Play Immediately)
  • 1-Up Mushroom: Go Up a Level (Play at Any Time)
  • Empty Block: Block a Spot on Level 1-5 (Play Immediately)
  • Super Star: Draw a POWER UP Card (Play Immediately)
  • Red Shell: Go Down a Level (Play Immediately)
  • Green Shell: Go Down a Level (Play at Any Time)
  • Fire Flower: Take an Extra Turn (Play Immediately)
  • Ice Flower: Skip your Next Turn (Play Immediately)
  • Bullet Bill: All Characters on This Level Fall to Next Open Level (Play Immediately)

Power Up cards[edit]

  • 1-Up: Return an Eliminated Character to Level 0.
  • Warp Pipe: Swap Two Characters Anywhere on the Board. (Cannot Be On Top Level.)
  • Goomba: Force Another Player to Vote First and Face up.
  • Bob-omb: Cancel Another Player's Vote.
  • Thwomp: Play as a NO! vote. (Instead of being eliminated, the Character is Placed on Level 0.)

Website description[edit]

Super Mario Level Up! game board
The game board

Join Mario and his pals as you advance them up the Mushroom Kingdom while challenging other players to gather the most coins and reach the castle at the top.

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