Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration!

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The box for Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration!
The front of the game's box

Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration! (also referred to as the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition)[1] is a board game developed by Hasbro Gaming for the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary. It is based on the classic Monopoly game, in which a group of up to six players collect properties around a board in order to earn the most money, but themed around several different locations and characters from the history of the Super Mario franchise. Toad Houses and Peach's Castles are in the places of houses and hotels respectively, and coins take the place of cash.

Game contents[edit]

This is the list of contents included in the box seen on the cover of the instruction manual:

  • Gameboard
  • 6 Tokens
  • 6 Question Mark Block Reminder Cards
  • 18 Title Deed Cards
  • 32 Community Chest Cards
  • 32 Toad Houses
  • 12 Peach's Castles
  • 1 die
  • 90 Coins (50 Golden Coins, 40 Five Coins)
  • Question Mark Block Sound Unit


The game's six metallic special tokens are based on iconic power-ups and items from the Super Mario franchise. The ones featured here include the following:

Action Spaces[edit]

These are all of the different Action Spaces that can found on the board. The descriptions are from the instruction manual.

Name Location Manual description
GO The bottom right of the gameboard. "When you pass or land on the GO space, collect 2 coins from the Bank."
Community Chest In the middle of every second color set; for example, one is in the middle of the light blue color set (Super Mario World), the next is in the middle of the orange color set (Super Mario Sunshine), etc. "Take the top card from the deck. Read the card, and immediately do what it says. Return it to the bottom of the deck when done. If the card tells you that you may keep it until you're ready to use it, do so. After you use it, return it to the bottom of the deck."
Chain Chomp and Piranha Plant The Chain Chomp space is located between the blue color set spaces (Super Mario Odyssey) and the Piranha Plant space is between the brown color set spaces (Super Mario Bros.). "Pay the Bank the amount shown on the board space."
Free Parking The top left corner of the gameboard. "Relax! Nothing happens."
Just Visiting The bottom left, opposite GO. "Don't worry. If you land here, put your token in the Just Visiting section."
Go to Jail The top right, opposite Just Visiting. "Move your token to the In Jail space immediately! Do not collect 2 coins for passing GO. Your turn is then over. You can still collect rent, bid during auctions, buy Toad Houses and Peach's Castles, mortgage and trade while you are in Jail."


These are the properties that can be purchased by the players:

Colour set Game Property 1 Property 2 Price
Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 World 1-2 1 Coin
Super Mario World Yoshi's Island Forest of Illusion 1 Coin
Super Mario 64 Lethal Lava Land Rainbow Ride 2 Coins
Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza Sirena Beach 2 Coins
Super Mario Galaxy Comet Observatory Bowser's Galaxy Reactor 3 Coins
New Super Mario Bros. U Frosted Glacier Meringue Clouds 3 Coins
Super Mario 3D World Super Bell Hill Double Cherry Pass 4 Coins
Super Mario Odyssey New Donk City* Bowser's Kingdom* 5 Coins

* - New Donk City uses its city name, while Bowser's Kingdom uses its kingdom name.

? Block[edit]

The ? Block included in Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration!
The ? Block sound unit

Monopoly: Super Mario Celebration! comes with an exclusive electronic ? Block sound unit that requires one AAA battery. A demo battery is included, though the instruction manual recommends that it is removed upon playing for the first time. When its front question mark is pressed, it will play a randomly selected sound. The ? Block can only be pressed when a player lands on a ? Block space (located in the middle of each side of the gameboard). When the sound plays, the player must act depending on which sound the player gets:

  • Coin ping - The player must collect a certain amount of coins from the Bank. The amount depends on how many times the sound plays.
  • Power-up ping - Roll the die again and have a second turn.
  • Bowser's laugh - Pay 5 coins to the Bank. The player can either pay five Golden Coins or one Five Coin as long as the amount adds up to 5.
  • Game Over tune - Pay 10 coins to the bank. The player can pay the same way as above, but the amount must total up to 10. The tune is actually the Lost a Life tune from the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Playing without sound[edit]

If the game is being played without the ? Block, any player who lands on a ? Block space must roll the die. The number they roll decides what action they must do:

Number rolled Equal to Action
1 or 2 Coin ping Roll the die again and collect that number of coins from the bank.
3 or 4 Bowser's laugh Pay the Bank 5 coins. This can be paid the same way as normal.
5 Power-up ping Roll the die again and move that many spaces.
6 Game Over tune Pay the Bank 10 coins.


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