Donkey Kong Card Game

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Donkey Kong Card Game
The packaging of the game

The Donkey Kong Card Game is a tabletop card game created by the Milton Bradley Company. It is based on the arcade game Donkey Kong and was released in 1983. The game comes with a set of four different-colored player pawns, a Donkey Kong pawn, a die, two types of cards in a deck (girder and base cards), and a set of instructions.


To start the game, the player has to build ladders, as well as girders using the cards from the player's deck. To do that, they have to roll a die to determine how many spaces the girders pieces are created. After the third girder is built, Donkey Kong appears above it, and the game begins. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach Donkey Kong at the very top of the girder. Players have to avoid obstacles such as barrels and fires. If a player lands on one of the two obstacles, the player is sent back to the first girder unless they have remedy cards such as jumping and using the hammer. If one of the players creates another girder, Donkey Kong moves to the top. The first player who reaches Donkey Kong wins the game.