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LEGO Super Mario is a product partnership between Danish toy company LEGO and Mario featuring characters, settings, and objects from Super Mario made of bricks that can interact, including Mario, Yoshi, Shy Guy, Piranha Plant, and Bowser Jr.

The product was first teased on March 10, 2020 (Mario Day) on Twitter,[1] and officially announced on March 12, 2020.[2] Several set pictures and names were officially revealed on April 6, 2020, as well as a few new sets. The theme released early at Target in late July[3] and everywhere else on August 1, 2020[4] with 13 sets revolving around the new interactive Mario figure, which has been shown to react to different things through scanning different stickers on top of 2x2 tiles below him.

Four Power-Up Packs were also announced for the set, which include suits for the Mario figure based on Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario.[5]

Officially announced on July 14, 2020, a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System was also released as part of the partnership on August 1.[6] The set consists of LEGO versions of the system itself, the controller, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, and a television with a moving panorama depicting a level from the aforementioned game. The Mario figure is also compatible with the set.[7]

Set information

The LEGO playsets seen in the trailer

Mario has a small screen on his chest, displaying different things depending on what he interacts with.

  • A timer is displayed on Mario's chest, likely showing the amount of time the player should have to clear the course in.
  • If Mario defeats enemies, he earns coins.
  • If Mario hits a ? Block, a roulette determines what Mario gets, such as 10 coins.
  • If Mario touches the lava, he takes some damage.
  • If Mario goes near Yoshi, a heart appears on his chest.
  • If Mario touches the Goal Pole, it appears being lowered on his chest. A total sum of coins then appears on Mario's chest, showing how many coins he has collected in the run.
  • Different music is played depending on where Mario is.
  • Sets can be interconnected using the plates, creating one giant "world".[8]





Confirmed sets

Image Set number Name Piece count Age rating Price
LEGO Super Mario Starter Course Packaging.jpg 71360 Adventures with Mario (Starter Course) 231 6+ 59.99 USD/EUR[10]
This is the Starter Course, being set in the overworld plains. The set features a pipe at the beginning, a small fortress guarded by Bowser Jr., several hills, a spinning platform, and a goal post. Figures include a Goomba, Bowser Jr., and a large, interactive Mario figure.
LEGO Super Mario Character Pack Series 1 Packaging.jpg 71361 Character Packs (Series 1) 23 6+ 4.99 USD/EUR[11]
This is the first series of Character Packs. A random figure is included in each pack. Potential figures include Blooper, Bob-omb, Bullet Bill, Buzzy Beetle, Eep Cheep, Fuzzy, Paragoomba, Peepa, Spiny, and Urchin.
LEGO Super Mario Guarded Fortress.jpg 71362 Guarded Fortress Expansion Set 325 8+ 49.99 USD/EUR
This is a grass-themed expansion set that primarily features a large fortress and a Piranha Plant in a pipe. Additional figures include a Bob-omb and a Koopa Troopa.
LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey Set.jpg 71363 Desert Pokey Expansion Set 180 6+ 19.99 USD/EUR
This is a desert-themed expansion set that includes a Pokey and a Monty Mole.
LEGO Super Mario Whomps Lava Trouble.jpg 71364 Whomp's Lava Trouble 133 6+ 19.99 USD/EUR
This is a lava-themed expansion set that includes a Whomp, a Lava Bubble, and a P Switch, only found in this set.
LEGO Super Mario Pirahna Plant Power Slide.jpg 71365 Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set 217 7+ 29.99 USD/EUR[10]
This is a desert-themed expansion set with a small kart that moves back and forth on a rail with Piranha Plants on both ends. Other figures include a Koopa Troopa and a Goomba. There is also a timer block featured.
LEGO Super Mario Boomer Bill Set.jpg 71366 Boomer Bill Expansion Set 132 7+ 29.99 USD/EUR
This is a grass-themed expansion set that includes two spinning Banzai Bills (referred to as Boomer Bills), as well as a Shy Guy and a Super Mushroom.
LEGO Super Mario House and Yoshi.jpg 71367 Mario's House & Yoshi Expansion Set 205 6+ 29.99 USD/EUR
This set includes Mario's House, Yoshi, a Goomba, and a hammock to sleep on.
LEGO Super Mario Toads Treasure Hunt.jpg 71368 Toad's Treasure Hunt Expansion Set 455 8+ 69.99 USD/EUR
This is a grass-themed expansion set that builds a Toad Village with Toad and Toadette, spinning Cheep Cheeps, and a Goomba.
LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Castle Boss Battle.jpg 71369 Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set 1010 8+ 99.99 USD/EUR[10]
This set is themed after Bowser's Castle. It features a pipe at the beginning, lots of lava, a large Bowser statue, and a goal post at the end. Figures included are Bowser, a Boo, a Dry Bones, a lava bubble, and a brick seperator.
LEGO Super Mario Fire Mario.jpg 71370 Fire Mario 11 6+ 9.99 USD/EUR
This set includes a costume for the Mario figure that allows him to throw fire balls and obtain more coins from enemies.
LEGO Super Mario Propeller Mario.jpg 71371 Propeller Mario 13 6+ 9.99 USD/EUR
This set includes a costume for the Mario figure that allows him to fly in the air and collect coins.
LEGO Super Mario Cat Mario.jpg 71372 Cat Mario 11 6+ 9.99 USD/EUR
This set includes a costume for the Mario figure that allows him to climb up walls for coins.
LEGO Super Mario Builder Mario Power Up Pack.jpg 71373 Builder Mario 10 6+ 9.99 USD/EUR
This set includes a costume for the Mario figure that allows him to perform a ground pound to collect coins.
LEGO Super Mario Thwomp Drop.jpg 71376 Thwomp Drop Expansion Set 393 8+ 39.99 USD/EUR
This set includes a Thwomp, two Lava Bubbles, and a Lava Lift. It is only available at select retailers.
LEGO Super Mario King Boo Haunted Yard.jpg 71377 King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set 431 8+ 49.99 USD/EUR
This is a Ghost House-themed expansion set that includes King Boo, Goomba Guards, and spinning Swoopers. It is only available at select retailers.
LEGO Super Mario Super Mushroom Suprise.jpg 30385 Super Mushroom Surprise Expansion Set 18 6+ 4.49 USD/EUR[12]1
The smallest known set, featuring only a small 4x4 island on a 6x6 water base, a large Super Mushroom item that Mario can interact with, and a floating ?-Block.
LEGO Super Mario Monty Mole & Super Mushroom.jpg 40414 Super Mario Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion Set 163 7+ 14.99 USD/EUR[13]1
This is a desert-themed set featuring a jumping Monty Mole, a POW Block, a falling Stone-Eye statue, and a large Super Mushroom item.

1 - Due to these sets currently only being available as pre-order bonuses or through promotions and thus currently not being sold separately, the listed worth of the set is used instead.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レゴ スーパーマリオ[14]
Rego Sūpā Mario
LEGO Super Mario
Chinese (Simplified) 乐高®超级马力欧[15]
Lègāo ® Chāojí Mǎlì'ōu
LEGO® Super Mario
Chinese (Traditional) 樂高®超級瑪利歐™[16]
Lègāo ® Chāojí Mǎlì'ōu ™
LEGO® Super Mario™

Adventures with Mario (Starter Course)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レゴマリオ と ぼうけんのはじまり 〜 スターターセット[14]
Rego Mario to Bōken no Hajimari 〜 Sutātā Setto
LEGO Mario and the beginning of the adventure ~ Start Set
Chinese (Traditional) 與樂高®超級瑪利歐™一起冒險~Mario入門競賽跑道[16]
Yǔ Lègāo ® Chāojí Mǎlì'ōu ™ Yīqǐ Màoxiǎn ~ Mario Rùmén Jìngsài Pǎodào
Adventure with LEGO® Super Mario™ ~ Mario Introduction Race Runway

Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パックンフラワーの バランス チャレンジ[14]
Pakkun Furawā no Baransu Charenji
Piranha Plant's Balance Challenge
Chinese (Traditional) Piranha Plant Power Slide 擴充版圖[16]
Piranha Plant Power Slide Kuòchōng Bǎntú
Piranha Plant Power Slide Extended Set

Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けっせんクッパ城!チャレンジ[14]
Kessen Kuppa Jō! Charenji
Definitive Battle in Bowser's Castle! Challenge
Chinese (Traditional) Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle 擴充版圖[16]
Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Kuòchōng Bǎntú
Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Extended Set


The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System's panel comes off to reveal a recreation of the original World 1-2.
  • When the announcement of the collaboration came, the UK-based video game retailer Game made a page on their website for its customers to sign up for email notifications regarding news related to the product; however, they mistakenly said the announcement came from a Nintendo Direct, in spite of it coming through social media, and the lack of a Nintendo Direct since September 4, 2019. The error was quickly fixed.
  • The stickers with the codes for Mario to scan on top of the 2x2 tiles will be pre-applied when the set is opened, a first in the history of LEGO. According to a designer during an interview, this is because they are very important stickers to the function of the sets, and younger children often have difficulty applying stickers.[17]
  • To prevent clashing with the permanently red shirt, Fire Mario and Builder Mario are given white and yellow overalls, respectively, rather than the traditional red. This causes the former to resemble his fire form from the original Super Mario Bros.
  • Prior to LEGO's partnership with Nintendo, Mario construction toys were created by rival business K'NEX.
  • The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System has a hidden reference to World 1-2 within the system itself, depicting a portion of the end of the level, complete with the Warp Zone.


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