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Kazumi Totaka
Born August 23, 1967
Occupation at Nintendo Current voice actor for Yoshi, Professor Elvin Gadd, and Birdo
Music Composer (Yoshi's Story)

Kazumi Totaka (Japanese: 戸高 一生) is a Japanese music composer for Nintendo, and mainly works with Nintendo EAD. He has done the musical score to many games, including Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Mario Paint, Yoshi's Story, and many more. He is also very popular for doing the music to the Animal Crossing series. He also does the voice of Yoshi since Yoshi's Story, Professor Elvin Gadd since Luigi's Mansion and Birdo since Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. He also did Shy Guy and Fly Guy until Nate Bihldorff took over in Mario Power Tennis, although his voice clips for them are sometimes reused in later Yoshi games. In addition, he provides the voice of Captain Olimar starting in Pikmin 2; his voice clips are reused for Olimar's Mystery Mushroom costume in Super Mario Maker.

Totaka's Song[edit]

In most games that Totaka has composed for, he has inserted a short, nineteen-note song commonly referred to as Totaka's Song into games. This song is usually hidden, only able to be heard after meeting certain conditions. The Mario games it has been spotted in are:

  • Mario Paint - The player can touch the O in the word MARIO, when on the main screen. After that, the O will explode like a bomb, and Totaka's song will play.
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - On the "Game Over" screen, after 2 minutes and 34 seconds Totaka's song will play.
  • Virtual Boy Wario Land - On the end screen that appears after the credits, the track plays after a minute and 15 seconds.
  • Yoshi's Story - On the Trial Mode and Select Yoshi screens, Totaka's song will take over after 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • Luigi's Mansion - On the screen showing the controls of the Poltergust 3000 (this appears before training mode), the song plays after 3.5 minutes of idleness. Additionally, Melody Pianissima was originally going to play the song on her piano. In the Nintendo 3DS remake, the song plays on the movement style selection screen before visiting the Training Room for the first time, and cannot be played again afterwards.[1]
  • Yoshi Touch & Go - In Marathon Mode, once the player reaches a mountainous area where clouds are being blown away, a 3 minute and 45 second pause leads to the song.
  • Yoshi's New Island - On the world map, the player should go to the part of World 6 with the volcano on it, and wait for about 5 minutes to hear the song.
  • Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - There is a chance that one of the Yoshis that appear in the audience of certain courses will be humming Totaka's Song; although it is near impossible to hear during a race and cannot be heard in MKTV replays, a clear version has been found in the game's files.[2]

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