Danny Wells

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Danny Wells
Full name Jack Westelmen
Born April 7, 1941
Died November 28, 2013 (aged 72)
Super Mario–related role(s) Luigi, Luigeena, Luigi Bob, Pronto (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
“We went on the air, three o'clock in the afternoon, with no publicity or P.R. at all. There was no pre-build-up to this show, nothing ... they just threw us out there. In three weeks, we became number one. We beat Disney, we beat everybody, without any publicity, without any help from anybody, this show went to the number one daytime cartoon show. They put us up against Mickey Mouse, it didn't matter, we beat them. It was amazing.”
Danny Wells, interviewing for Slam magazine[1]

Jack Westelmen, better known by his professional name, Danny Wells (April 7, 1941 – November 28, 2013), was a Canadian actor who is best known for portraying Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in both the live action and cartoon segments. He worked alongside Lou Albano, who played Mario. In addition to Luigi, he played various other guest characters in the live-action series as well, such as Mario and Luigi's Aunt Luigeena and their cousin Luigi Bob. Aside from his role as Luigi, he was also widely known for playing the bartender, Charlie, in the American sitcom, The Jeffersons.

Twenty-four years after the conclusion of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, at the age of 72, Wells died in Toronto, Canada on November 28, 2013.[2]



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