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Full name Adolfo Quiñones
Species Human
First appearance "Dance"
Portrayed by Himself

Shabba-Doo (whose birthname is Adolfo Quiñones) is a famous dancer and movie star who also appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Dance", Mario, for Luigi's birthday, decided to purchase him a gift certificate for a free dance lesson with Shabba-Doo, buying himself one as well, hoping to learn how to dance extremely well for the Annual Plumbers' Dance.

Later, as Mario and Luigi were practicing their dance moves, Shabba-Doo appeared in Mario Brothers Plumbing, prepared to reach them to dance. After being bombarded by questions and praise by Luigi, Shabba-Doo starts to put numbered footpads on the floor of Mario Brothers Plumbing, telling Mario and Luigi that they will help them to dance. Unfortunately, Shabba-Doo can only watch in disdain as Mario and Luigi fail miserably in dancing.

Later, Shabba-Doo, having apparently taught Mario and Luigi to dance better, mans the stereo and watches as Mario and Luigi dance like experts through their apartment. Afterwards, Mario and Luigi, having stopped their dancing, ask Shabba-Doo if he will show them some of his dance moves, which Shabba-Doo agrees to do. Dancing through Mario Brothers Plumbing, Shabba-Doo is joined in his dancing by Mario and Luigi, who are almost a perfect match for him in dancing.