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SaturdaySupercade Trucknappers.png

The Trucknappers are four characters appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode Trucknapper Caper. They are infamous Texan truck thieves who also kidnap the drivers of the trucks they steal.

When they kidnapped Jenny's father, Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones gave chase and hopped a fence to infiltrate their hideout. They were eventually spotted by the Trucknappers, but donned disguises in order to fool them.

The Trucknappers took the duo to Turnpike Tex, where they were tasked to steal the truck of a burly arm wrestler. They succeeded, and tried to spring up a trap of their own, which failed. Bones was chased by the Trucknappers, but Donkey Kong Jr. managed to saw off some tree branches to corner them in she'd, trapping them.

Jenny's father later tells the duo that they landed the Trucknappers in jail.