Willy White

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Willy White
Willy White
Full name The Wonderfully Wacky Willy White
Species Human
First appearance "Home Radio"
Portrayed by Gary Owens

Willy White, who often presents himself as The Wonderfully Wacky Willy White, is a radio personality who hosts the WACK radio station. He dresses in glamorous and gaudy clothing and speaks with a stereotypical host's voice.


In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Home Radio", Willy is hosting a radio competition in which he spends a day broadcasting live from the winners' home, with the winners participating in the broadcast as well. He announces live that Mario and Luigi are the ones that have won, much to their excitement, causing them to practice their radio voices for the entire day and night. By the time Willy arrives at Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are exhausted and can barely speak. Willy tries to start his show, but realizes that they aren't in good condition and goes to a commercial break. However, a call from his boss soon reveals that callers are ecstatically talking about the "Whispering Plumbers", and decides to continue the show. Once he sees that Mario and Luigi have fallen asleep, he signs off for the day.