Ike (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)

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Ike, running towards his owner, Pam Matteson.

Ike is a small puppy owned by Pam Matteson, a friend of Mario and Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!; according to Pam, Ike enjoys pizza with black olives and Canadian kitten on it, can call other dogs and is part poodle, Basset Hound and is a little bit of country and rock and roll.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Lost Dog", Ike was somehow lost by Pam, who, desperate, asked for Mario and Luigi for help in finding Ike. Agreeing to help her, Mario and Luigi set to work in searching for Ike.

Ike himself only appears near the end of "Lost Dog", having been called to Mario Brothers Plumbing by Luigi, who had used an extremely odd dog call to summon Ike. Once inside Mario Brothers Plumbing, Ike happily went into the arms of Pam, who gratefully thanked Luigi for helping her find Ike, calling Luigi a dog genius.